Discussion of Swedish Paper on LENR

Many thanks to Horst Eckardt for reading through this paper. Longitudinal resonance has been well worked out in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers UFT291 – UFT299 and could indeed be applied to LENR. It seems to me that the absence of neutron production indicates energy from spacetime via resonance as suggested here by Horst, a development of spin connection resonance theory. It is also interesting to hear that the Muenich group has started LENR experiments of its own. Further developments of spin connection resonance are possible with the ECE2 papers, UFT313 – 320, and UFT322 – 329, already being read thousands of times a year. By now all the spin connection resonance papers are classics, all having been read tens to hundreds of thousands of times, all coming up on the first page of Google. The quality of the readership is the highest possible. We know this for a mountain of detailed scientometrics. They should be updated with UFT292 – UFT299 and the ECE2 papers, plus the circuit papers UFT311 and UFT321. UFT311 is exact confirmation of the existence of the spin connection using the Osamu Ide circuit. Osamu Ide has just presented a poster on it at an RSC conference. So things have advanced rapidly. Ten years ago I was being attacked as a newly crackpotted Civil List Pensioner advocating perpetual motion, and of course the attacks on LENR in its early stages were personal and unscientific in the same way. It is clear to an amoeba by now that we are witnessing the start of Dr. Stephen Bannister’s second industrial revolution. The real crackpots are those who think the horse is hidden in the boot (or trunk in American English). So that is how a horseless carriage works. The Wright brothers used gasbags from Congress, imported from Parliament, and Marconi swam overnight from Poldu to Newfoundland, and switched on the receiver.

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The original paper seems to be quite interesting. The expression “ponderomotive force” is quite old-fashioned, but the background are resonance effects of longitudinal waves, here ECE comes into play, with Beltrami-like waves as well as B(3) field. There should be a remarkable neutron production but there is none, neither in Rossi’s experiment nor in the (preliminary) experiment of the Munich group. The authors suppose that excess energy is produced by catpuring the neutrons of the process by the surrounding material (Ni). The basis of the nuclear process is a resonance process.

Link to the paper:


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Many thanks to Axel Westrenius, as usual I am forwarding to the group for their comments. The scientometrics show that the ECE explanation is the most logical and self consistent, in the sense that it is consistent with explanations of essentially everything in the natural sciences and engineering, everything that is except humbug and quackery – ducks with many variables.

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Subj: Swedish Scientists Publish Paper Claiming “Ponderomotive Forces” Explain LENR (Mats Lewan)



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