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Many thanks, this is ” ….. the hamiltonian (253)”. This Spanish translation of the manuscript will be very useful. The manuscript of ECE2 ia already being studied one thousand five hundred times a year. “The Principles of ECE” is being studied four thousand two hundred times a year. Both open access books are “best sellers free of charge”. This means that much of the obsolete standard model of physics has been rejected by the new generation of leading thinkers worldwide.

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In ECE2 Chapter 5, just before Eq. (254), there is a two-line paragraph which starts “In direct analogy…” and which contains an empty reference (..).

Please mail to us asap the missing number.



Daily Report 21/3/17

The equivalent of 85,879 printed pages was downloaded (313.114 megabytes) from 2,586 downloaded memory files (hits) and 468 distinct visits each averaging 3.3 memory pages and 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 33.21, top referrals total of 2,221,514, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 1130, Top ten 1117, Collected Evans / Morris 693(est), F3(Sp) 547, Collected scientometrics 383, Evans Equations 153, Barddoniaeth 143, Principles of ECE 120, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 95, Autobiography volumes one and two 90, Self charging inverter 71, Mann Johnson ECE 64, UFT88 62, Engineering Model 61, PLENR 54, ECE2 42, CEFE 39, Llais 30, PECE 27, Idaho 27, UFT311 26, UFT321 17, UFT313 20, UFT314 12, UFT315 12, UFT316 12, UFT317 12, UFT318 8, UFT319 11, UFT320 10, UFT322 20, UFT323 14, UFT324 16, UFT325 23, UFT326 12, UFT327 16, UFT328 17, UFT329 15, UFT330 10, UFT331 12, UFT332 12, UFT333 9, UFT334 9, UFT335 19, UFT336 11, UFT337 9, UFT338 12, UFT339 10, UFT340 10, UFT341 22, UFT342 17, UFT343 21, UFT344 19, UFT345 15, UFT346 12, UFT347 32, UFT348 17, UFT349 16, UFT351 28, UFT352 40, UFT353 24, UFT354 44, UFT355 26, UFT356 30, UFT357 26, UFT358 28, UFT359 25, UFT360 24, UFT361 7, UFT362 17, UFT363 28, UFT364 26, UFT365 14, UFT366 42, UFT367 24, UFT368 23, UFT369 31, UFT370 37, UFT371 45, UFT372 17 to date in March 2017. BRATEC Faculty of Technology Brazil general; Samtse College of Education Buhtan Home page; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT366 to UFT372; Deusu search engine Home page; University Computer Centre Bonn UFT88; University of Wisconsin Milwaukee UFT33; University of Jaen Spain F4(Sp); Association for the Union of Student Residences (AURORE) University of South Paris (Paris Psud) UFT213; Prova Corporation Italy Experimental advantages of ECE theory; International School for Advanced Studies Trieste UFT88; Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications University of Palermo UFT7, UFT18; University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering University of Guadalajara Mexico UFT109(Sp); Science Museum National Autonomous University of Mexico UFT166(Sp); Tunn Hussein Onn University Malaysia LCR Resonant; Pakistan Council for Science and Technology general; British Awareaness in Schools Project (MISP) general; Santa Ana Unified School District California Experimental Advantages of ECE. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2017.


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UFT88 Read Again at Physics Imperial College London

Staff and Students from Imperial College London regularly consult www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, especially papers such as UFT88 which signal the deep flaws inherent in standard gravitational theory, notably the neglect of torsion. The ECE School of Thought rejects many aspects of standard physics, essentially all the UFT papers are classics, read many thousands of times. UFT88 is one of the most studied of papers, and should be read with UFT99, the definitive proofs based on UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354. All these papers show that if torsion is included in the basic geometry, the entire twentieth century in gravitational physics becomes completely obsolete. UFT313 and UFT354 are vivid examples of what happens if torsion is correctly included – the Einstein theory collapses entirely. It fails completely when compared with the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. The dogmatists of standard physics have failed to admit to the fact that their work has been refuted, so the result is that physics has split entirely into two systems and two Schools of Thought.

373(7): Experimental Change in dr/dphi due to Perihelion Precession

This calculated as in the attached note to be

Delta (dr / dphi) = 299.46 metres

for the Earth, whose eccentricity is epsilon = 0.0167. This is matched to the theoretical value as graphed by Horst in his latest note. So ECE2 relativity matches the expreimental result exactly and gives the above result for the precession of the perihelion of the Earth. I will now proceed to writing up UFT373.


Open Access Publication and Teaching at the World’s Best Universities

Agreed with Alex Hill, our method is open access publication and teaching at the world’s best universities. Today’s early morning report for example records another consultation at Yale of UFT351, another consultation at Physics, Imperial of UFT88 and a consultation at University College London of the Family History with its definitive and scholarly genealogy. A high percentage of consultations always takes place at the world’s top twenty universities. These three are in the world’s top twenty, and have regularly consulted ECE theory since it started in March 2003, sixteen years ago. It has become clear recently, by meticulous study of scientomerics and the usage file, that staff and students at the world’s best univeristies have studied my work regularly for forty years. For me that is what it is all about. I have never been much interested in careerism. It has always been radically new thought, which takes some time to filter through the system, and at first drives people nuts, so they start trolling like crazy, without any effect at all on sane people. ” …. on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees”, (Victor Hugo). One cannot stop the march of ideas. Many thanks again for all the translation work, which means that ECE is the new physics all over the Spanish speaking world as well as in the international lingua franca, modern English (60% Latin derived).

To: emyrone@aol.com
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Subj: Terms from the IT world

Hello Myron,

Some time ago, I detected in some of the papers published on the AIAS website that the term “open source” is used to describe documents/books (especially in the References chapter of UFT papers) which can be freely and openly read and downloaded by any visitor to the website.

However, it was recently mentioned to me by some AIAS readers from the IT field that, if you google up “open source”, you will find that its definition in the computer world is that of a technical term used by software developers to describe a program the software of which can be read and modified by any visitor, which I do not believe is the meaning AIAS is probably trying to convey, as is the case in the text below.

I was told by the same people that the term used to convey the intended meaning is “open access”, as can also be checked by googleing its definition. So this is just my grain-of-sand-contribution for today.

By the way, you might be interested to know that we are at present finishing the Spanish version of ECE2 Chapter 5, which will probably be completed and mailed for publishing before the end of March.

Best regards,

Numerical Results for 373(6)

Many thanks again! Very fine results.The difference in Figure (9) is related to the experimentally observed precession of the perihelion, so to finish UFT373 I will attempt to find a relation between delta (dphi / dr) and the astronomically observed precession angle, 3MG / (c squared alpha).

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According to note 6, I first resolved eq.(3) after v^2. This gives a highly complicated equation with 4 solutions. Two solutions are complex, one is v=c and the fourth is real-valued. I used the fourth solution and inserted eq.(5). Then a highly complicated expression for (dr/dphi)^2 follows. Unfortunately it is complex. The real and imaginary part are plotted in Fig. 8. The result depends on the choice of constant H0. With

H= – 3.75 and H0= – 3.70

the realpart in Fig. 8 starts to become positive at the minimum radius of the ellipse. In so far this end behaves correctly, there is no zero crossing of (dr/dphi)^2 at the other end (r=2).

Alternatively I did the following: I resolved both Hamiltonians

H = 1/2 m v^2 + U(r)
H0 = (gamma-1) m c^2 + U(r)

separately according to v^2. From H follows the non-relativistic form eq.(5). Equating both solutions for v^2 gives an equation for (dr/dphi)^2. The calculation has the benefit of not leading to complex-valued results. The result is plotted in Fig. 9. The positive part now is on the lhs. The range is shifted to higher radii by the relativistic effects (H0 > H) but the result is less sensitive than in Fig. 8. Again we have only effects for the minimal radius of the ellipse, not the maximal radius.


Am 21.03.2017 um 11:49 schrieb EMyrone:

This is given by Eqs. (4) and (5), which can be solved by computer algebra to give the relativistic orbital differential function (dr/dphi) squared. In the non relativistic limit it reduces to Eq. (8). The all important advance made by computational solution of the relevant Euler Lagrange equations is that this differential orbital function is known now to be that of a precessing ellipse. So this ties up the solution and I will proceed to writing up Sections 1 and 2 of UFT373.

Discussion of 373(6): The Most Fundamental Relativistic Orbit

Yes exactly so. The quantity H0 – H is a constant of motion.

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Subj: Re: 373(6): The Most Fundamental Relativistic Orbit

Question: is H the Newtonian Hamiltonian and H0 that of the relativistic theory minus mc^2 ?
We have to take H0 then as an additional free parameter, close to H.


Am 21.03.2017 um 11:49 schrieb EMyrone:

This is given by Eqs. (4) and (5), which can be solved by computer algebra to give the relativistic orbital differential function (dr/dphi) squared. In the non relativistic limit it reduces to Eq. (8). The all important advance made by computational solution of the relevant Euler Lagrange equations is that this differential orbital function is known now to be that of a precessing ellipse. So this ties up the solution and I will proceed to writing up Sections 1 and 2 of UFT373.