FOR POSTING: Hardback Version of “The Principles of ECE”

I am most grateful to my friend and colleague Dr Horst Eckardt for sending me a copy. It is excellently produced in hardback in good quality paper, 288 pages with illustrations. 2 000034 590421 0001. If it is for sale I strongly recommend it to various libraries and colleagues around the world. It is open source as UFT350 on and publications section and on These websites are to be featured as sites of importance in the legal deposit libraries from the National Library of Wales: in the reading rooms of the British Library, Oxford, Cambridge, Scotland, Wales and in Ireland Trinity College, Dublin. It has been translated into Spanish by Alex Hill,open source on combined sites, and is edited and collated by Dr. Horst Eckardt. Its cover is designed by an artist and its first chapter has several illustrations, some in colour, starting with the incipit liber generationis of the Book of Kells in the Library of Trinity College Dublin. This is meant to record a continuity of thought over one thousand five hundred years, the struggle of light against dogma, or darkness. The softback version is currently under preparation by “New Generation” of London. The book is already an outstanding success open source, being read at the rate of about seven thousand times a year off combined sites. It is the lodestone of the avant garde physics, and refutes many aspects of standard physics. Its subtitle is “A new paradigm of physics”.

360(3): Fluid Gravitational Force Law for a Whirlpool Galaxy

The general 3D force law of fluid dynamics, Eq. (1), reduces to the planar Eq. (2), where X and Y are described by Eqs. (4) and (5) in plane polar coordinates. For the hyperbolic spiral orbit these are given by Eqs. (14) and (15), which can be graphed and analyzed numerically. The force law of fluid gravitation is generally covariant and can describe any observable orbit. It is a geometrically correct theory of general relativity. The first two examples worked out so far are the conic section orbits (e.g. the ellipse) and the hyperbolic spiral orbit. The next example will be the precessing ellipse, the orbit of a planet for example. This is also described by Eq. (1). The hugely elaborate and incorrect Einstein theory is replaced by a far simpler and more powerful equation based on Cartan geometry with torsion – part of ECE2 generally covariant unified field theory. There is obviously no further need for “dark matter” or for the Einstein theory, which is completely incorrect in a whirlpool galaxy (see “The Principles of ECE”). The Newton theory is Galilean covariant and not generally covariant.


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LENR Report by AIAS Diector Douglas Lindstrom

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On 10/14/2016 1:33 AM, EMyrone wrote:

This is an important and well written report by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom on this revolutionary new source of energy, which if implemented would replace wind turbines. It has been discussed by Congress in Washington. Doug Lindstrom has contributed greatly to ECE theory and worked on new materials for the Canadian Government. He has visited Craig Cefn Parc for one of the AIAS conferences held here. So I think that all who are interested in new energy should read this report carefully. It is written in an objective, scientific manner and addresses the societal problem of LENR being a revolutionary technology that threatens the income of the wind industry, petroleum, gas and other fossilized cabals. Eisenhower for exmple warned of the military / industrial cabal, despite being a military man himself. Please see the UFT papers on LENR (UFT226 ff.) on the and sites.

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Subj: lenr report

Myron, Horst, Steve

I’ve attached a summary report on the LENR project that I been involved in. The next part of this report will be a fit of the ECE LENR model to the experimental data.

If it is appropriate, feel free to post the report on the web site. It is for public release.

Hope this helps explain a bit of what I’ve been up to for the past few months.

Many thanks


360(1): Self Consistency Check for the Newtonian Field and Perihelion Precession

This note shows that the results of UFT359 are rigorously self consistent, and introduces a new relativistic theory of perihelion precession using g = (v dot del)v where v is the orbital velocity. The perihelion is displaced every orbit by the experimental amount (13), known with great accuracy (or claimed with great accuracy). It is known from many UFT papers and books that the Einstein force field does not give this result without introducing numerous catastrophic errors. So the experimental displacement in Eq. (13) is considered to be empirical, a quantity measured in astronomy. Then the orbit is the precessing ellipse (15). Given this orbit the quantities X and Y can be found, following UFT359, and the Newtonian force law modified. In the Einstein theory this is a hugely elaborate procedure and totally wrong. In the new theory of fluid gravitation it is a relatively simple exercise which I can do by hand and co author Dr Horst Eckardt can check it as usual by compuer and graph the results. For the observed precessing ellipse there will be vorticities, Kambe charges and Kambe currents. Therefore the theory will be checked against experimental data in the manner of Baconian physics. It is automatically relativistic because ECE2 is relativistic (generally covariant unified field theory). To quantize we construct the hamiltonian and use the Schroedinger rules, or use a modified Dirac type hamiltonian. Many approaches to quantization are possible.


Congratulations to Sean MacLachlan

Congratulations! One day they will travel without burning any fuel, using ES technology, part of Steve Bannister’s second industrial revolution.

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Subj: Re: Unified Field Theory for Supercomputer Simulation


My career has taken on a new development. I no longer work with HP. I am now the Chief Technology Officer for a startup company I cofounded called Relevent ( that uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend events for people in their local community and while traveling across the United States.
I am the primary software developer for this company.


On October 18, 2016 at 2:46:10 AM, (emyrone) wrote:

Agreed with UPITEC Secretary and Board Member Sean MacLachlan, owner of and second webmaster of and blog. He works for Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho, U.S. A. From the Omnia Opera on it can be seen that I developed an early strategy using the Delta Project (OO99) and a combination of ab initio and molecular dynamics at the EDCL in Aberystwyth. The ab initio methods were used to model a potential for Newtonian molecular dynamics supercomputer simulation on the UMRCC CDC 7600, later on the IBM 3090 series of supercomputers. This early to mid career work covers about three hundred papers and books listed in the Omnia Opera, hyperlinked to originals. This is going to be the work of the next generations, using computers that are getting faster and faster every day, with more and more storage, graphics, animations and so on. Both and www.upitec will be archived for future generations and featured as outstanding sites. The archiving of the internet was initiated by the Library of Congress in about 2001, when it was realized that a great amount of valuable material exists on the internet but not in books.

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Subj: Re: Extension of fluid gravitation

It seems like we’re getting close to where we can rewrite all atomic particle physics equations and create a new unified model of the atom that includes gravity and all the new fluid dynamics that compose a molecule which must be much more complex that previously understood. This will open up lots of possibilities for new materials as well as technologies to use the new metamaterials to solve engineering challenges such as energy extraction and many other science fiction technologies become possible as our models improve.

I think a great vision for developing this science and computer models and books is to be able to accurately simulate on a super computer all the interactions between particles, fields and potentials within an atom and eventually a molecule, materials and chemistry that recreates all the dynamics and statics in play not just a convenient subset of what is actually happening.

You guys are laying the foundation, hopefully others will be able to follow and build on your work to advance technology solutions to real world problems of which there are many.


On October 17, 2016 at 9:44:15 AM, (emyrone) wrote:

Agreed, progress is being archived both sides of the Atlantic, so there are two main schools of physics, standard model and ECE, and two systems of physics teaching. There are many other smaller schools of thought.

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Subj: Re: Graphics and cosmic magnetic fields

This will be another very important future development under the ECE2 theory umbrella extending consistency to these fields and dispelling more myths.

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Subject: Graphics and cosmic magnetic fields

Many thanks to Norman Page in turn! The nuclear weak and strong forces are badly in need of a complete overhaul. UFT225 has completely refuted the standard model of the electroweak field, and the approach to the strong nuclear field should result in a theory free of strange matter and quarks,

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Subj: Graphics and cosmic magnetic fields

Many thanks to Horst for the wonderfully stimulating and illuminating
graphics.Scroll down to the 1957 comment ” On cosmic magnetic fields by

He is discussing the same ideas you have been dealing with. See
equations for stability 13 – 17. Can these be related to the stable
proton via Beltrami flow structures?