Plasma and modern cosmology

Agreed in a sense because of triple unification of electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics with ECE2. There is no longer any philosophical difference between electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics. The moving frame of paper UFT360 just posted is spacetime itself, (aether or vacuum). The plasma universe goes back many years but now we are seeing how it is structured through a unified field theory. The nuclear forces can also be approached in the same way. IN UFT360 a generally covariant inverse square law has been produced and moving frames defined. Everything is the moving frame itself apart from constants m and e representing mass and charge. Everything is reduced to geometry, in this case Cartan geometry.

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Subj: Re: Plasma and modern cosmology

This is a very interesting article based on observation that suggests that gravity is not needed to make stars etc. There is a lot in common with the ECE model of the universe.

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FOR POSTING: UFT360 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

This is UFT360 Sections 1 and 2 on the generally covariant inverse square law for all orbits, two dimensional and three dimensional: the acceleration due to gravity is the Lagrange derivative of the orbital velocity. The Lagrange or convective derivative is that in a moving frame of reference defined by astronomical observations of the orbits. Example moving frames of reference are given which can be graphed and numerically analyzed.







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Yes we would have easily have carried out this experiment there. I think that your experimentation with Trevor is excellent, and just take it easy and pull out the biro when you feel like it. We are a bunch of friends here and all my suggestions are just that, suggestions. Your experimentation at the EDCL was also excellent. It was so good that you discovered structure that everyone else had missed. I will certainly think about applying ECE2 to the EM effects in due course. It would be nice to have a part time flat in Aberystwyth to be near th NLW so that I could use it. I have never seen the main reading room. The artificial inflation of house prices means that even a tinny patch of ground like the harbour is advertized as desirable. I see that Mr Corbin took the PM to the cleaners today, and I hope for a Bevanite socialist government. It may be possible to rent out Room 262 again and live in it, I used to live in it anyway, in a sleeping bag underneath the interferometer, brushing my teeth before the staff arrived.

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Subj: Re: Monograph on the Evans / Morris Effects

It seems not that long ago when we were beavering away in the EDCL! Now “reirement” beckons – but it will be good to have time to concentrate on other things.

As you say, paper 308 suggests an important quantitative test. It would also be good to re – visit this work at some point armed with the power and ideas that have emerged from ECE2 theory.

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Chapter Two on The Geometry

This will consist of a synopsis of UFT313 and UFT314 followed by UFT354 at a later date, because UFT354 is largely the work of Doug Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt. The following chapters write themselves, so I can rapidly get through them and material can be added by co authors when they have the time. The placing of graphics will work itself out as the book takes shape. I just had in mind the popularity of graphics.
Most people turn away from equations as if they were signs of the plague, but they like and understand the graphics. My immediate plans are to write up UFT360 on the inverse square law of fluid dynamics. As ever, there is never any hurry.

Monograph on the Evans / Morris Effects

Agreed with this, the experimental set up in UFT308 Figure 1 can be used as a critical test of these effects, it is a precise setup based on a Michelson interferometer. Reproducibility and repeatability requires two different set ups. I agree that before embarking on this monograph, such an experiment is needed. There are many experiments that could be devised, they should be carried out in well equipped laboratories.

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I am sometimes asked about the Evans-Morris effects and given the hint that it would be advisable to present a clear experimental setup which proves these effects undoubtly. I recommend developing such a setup (with precise instruction for replication) so that we have better arguments against critical experimentalists. This would also be a good basis for a monograph.


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This should be considered at some time ahead, with four authros Gareth Evans, Trevor Morris, Horst Eckardt and myself. The Evans / Morris papers are an outstanding success open source. My current calibration of them is 33 readings a day each from This calibration is used in the early morning reports. Trevor Morris cannot read or write, because of dyslexia, but is a very capable, highly intelligent experimentalist. After retirement Gareth Evans should have the time to write part of this monograph in his own words as co discoverer of the effects. GJE’s career was destroyed by widely acknowledged grotesque corruption (Auto Two), but after retirement he will have the time to be an author again. Some academics retire as soon as they get tenure (a saying of my Ph. D. supervisor, Professor Emeritus Mansel Davies, who was a friend of Linus Pauling, Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley and others). MMD was one of those who advocated B(3) for a Nobel Prize, but he described the process to me in private as “a club like any other”. Who am I to argue with that? In any case who would join a club that took people like me? (Professor Emeritus Groucho Marx of New York City).

Plans for Principles of ECE2

Agreed, I can make a start with chapter one, the introduction, and chapter two, using UFT313 and UFT314, then proceed to my part of other chapters. Then other co authors can write their contributions when they can. I agree that it is important to find good typesetters and a good quality publisher.

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Writing a second book is a good idea, there is plenty of material. Besides this I am working on a text book, this would well complement this series. I am not sure if it is desirable to concentrate graphics and animations in a separate chapter but this can be decided on later.
Before starting we should have an idea about the typesetting and preparational work. It would not be good if this takes another two years as for ECE-1.
Currently there is rapid development in serveral projects I am involved in which take a lot of my time. It would be good not to start the book before beginning of next year.


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I have sketched out the plans, the same four authors pencilled in, and twelve chapters, one dedicated completely to collected graphics and animations. The chapter on LENR is planned to incorporate the latest report by Doug Lindstrom, applying ECE2 to LENR, and the chapter on ES (Energy from Spacetime) is planned to contain a lot of circuitry and applications of ECE2. Osamu Ide is invited as fifth co author if he agrees, in order to include his latest advances and his latest replicated circuitry. ES is centre stage now, so this chapter is timely. LENR has been centre stage for a quarter century. I listed out the forty five relevant papers to date with some measure of how many times read. Full details of how many times read are available in hundreds of early morning reports. I do not measure the importance of a paper on how many times read alone, there are many other factors to be considered. We all know that the popularity of every single item on the combined sites is astounding ( and