Fundamental Symmetry Conservation in the B(3) Field Theory

To Horst: This is explained in Omnia Opera OO395, the Reply to Barron of 14th Dec.1992 published in Physica B Buckingham had blocked my reply in “Chemical Physics Letter” almost forty times before finally agreeing to reject Barron’s paper there. I am told by Richard Amoroso that the B(3) field was nominated for a Nobel Prize in about 1995. Bo Lehnert told Richard Amoroso, sometime Chair of the Vigier Symposia, that the B(3) field had been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. I strongly recommend a reading of “The Enigmatic Photon” and the “Advances in Chemical Physics” articles of volume 119, the second edition of the award winning “Modern Nonlinear Optics”. As you know these are in the Omnia Opera. Buckingham and Barron invented a mythical “complete experiment symmetry” which was rejected by theoretical particle physicists like Prof. Justin Huang of the University of Missouri. The only relevant symmetries are explained in OO395. These symmetries are the usual ones in physics and are applied to equations. There is now a new law of physics, the conservation of antisymmetry. The B(3) field far from material matter can now be interpreted as the magnetization of the aether by a circularly polarized electromagnetic field, an inverse Faraday effect. As soon as the CP electromagnetic field interacts with matter (for example an electron), the inverse Faraday effect occurs.


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389(4) Spin Connections for Precessing Planar Orbits

This not gives the spin connections for a forward and retrograde precession using the gravitational potential (3). The results are equations (13) to (16) and can be graphed. They are maps of spacetime, the vacuum or gravitational aether. In order to compute the vector potential Q it is necessary to compute Eqs. (17) to 919), the antisymmetry equations. Having found the vector potential, the scalar spin connection is found from the Lindstrom constraint,and finally the total vector potential found as in the previous note. If it is assumed that the spin connection is two dimensional for a planar orbit, the omega sub Z = 0. Computer algebra can be used to solve Eqs. (17) to (19), which are three simultaneous differential equations. I will look for a simple solution by hand. The differential equations are of the type dy / dx = f(x, y)y and so on. I am sure that there are code packages that can integrate such equations (e.g. Maxima, Mathematical,Maple, NAG, IBM ESSL, and so on) . A great deal of new information about precessing planar orbits will emerge from this complete theory, which in general is a new type of cosmology.


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The B(3) Field

This interpretation also refutes the incorrect complete experiment symmetry theory of Buckingham and Barron, because the vacuum is a material and B(3) is an inverse Faraday effect. The complete experiment symmetry has never been used by anyone except Buckingham and Barron. Buckingham was a pain the expletive for a number of years, he wrote a letter to Mansel Davies telling me to publish less. This is idiocy. A graduate or post doc must not be subjected to such pressures, and I think that a complaints process is now in being. As soon as I was appointed tenured full professor at UNCC, I was attacked by Barron and Buckingham, using this incorrect complete experiment argument. In real physics there are well defined symmetries, C, P, T, CP, CT, PT and CPT. So that illustrates that the AIAS / UPITEC is greatly superior to the University system, there are no career pressures, no closed shop, and there are highly talented, self motivated, people. I still use universities as a measuring stick of interest. The incidents at UNCC greatly damaged my first wife and myself, and that damage was inflicted deliberately. I very much loath the attacks on families of scientists, on completely innocent people. They make stalinism look like a vicarage tea party.

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Very interesting as Horst points out. The new insights go on and on!

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389(3): Newtonian limit of ECE2 Gravitation

In the past few months ECE2 electromagnetism and gravitation has been greatly developed, so the point has been reached where considerable insight into the Newtonian limit is given as attached. The Newtonian limit is represented by the solution (2), which gives the spin connection vector fro a conic section orbit. The antisymmetry equations (3) to (5) give the vector potential Q from the spin connection vector. The Lindstrom constraint (6) gives the scalar spin connection, and the total vector potential Q(total) found as in Eq. (6), in the same way as for electromagentism in UFT388. The ECE gravitational wave equations (13) and (14) give the mass density and the current of mass density. In the Newton theory (1665 – 1687) there is of course no spin connection, no structured vacuum, no vacuum effects, no vector potential, no gravitational wave equation and no current of mass density. The full power of the ECE2 equations give a completely new cosmology and many non Newtonian effects through the relevant spin connection. These include planetary precession, the velocity curve of a whirpool galaxy, deflection of electromagnetic radiation by gravitation, and various precessional effects, the gravitational red shift, the cosmological red shift, evolution of the universe, and so on. Lately we have developed retrograde precession theory. These effects have all been developed in previous UFT papers and in “Principles of ECE”, volumes one and two, but the full power of ECE2 gravitation can now be brought to bear on any problem, using field and wave equations, and antisymmetry equations, together with the lagrangian and hamiltonian. The ECE2 lagrangian, which will be incorporated in the next note, and also the ECE2 hamiltonian.


The B(3) Field

This looks interesting, the B(3) field exists for plane waves of finite or infinite lateral extent, and is defined by a particular choice of spin connection:

B(3)* = – i (kappa / A(0)) A(1) x A(2) = – omega x A(2)

omega = – i (kappa / A(0)) A(1)


A(1) x A(2) = A x A*

where eA(0) = h bar kappa using the minimal prescription. So the B(3) field can be understood as originating in the interaction with the vacuum. So it is the inverse Faraday effect of the vacuum, i.e. magnetization of the vacuum by a circularly polarized electromagnetic field.

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Subj: UFT388

I am currently experimenting with plane waves. It seems that assuming a finite extension of the wave in X and Y direction (while propagating in Z direction) leads to a B(3) field component as well as an E(3) field component. I used an oscillatory A potential in X and Y direction and a constant A(3) component. Is this the same as in your B(3) electrodynamics?

The antisymm. eq. set for A is only unique if A has three non-vanishing components.
Assuming phi=0 should give according to the Lindstrom constraint:

del * A = omega * A.

This is not fulfilled in all choices of A that I tried out but phi=0 may not be true for a radially decaying plane wave. There is even a charge and current density, which could be hint to a photon rest mass.


Am 21.09.2017 um 09:38 schrieb EMyrone:

OK agreed, and posted on blog. Your trace antisymmetry equation is very useful.

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That should read equation (29) not (39)

On Sep 20, 2017, at 10:36 AM, Doug Lindstrom <dwlindstrom> wrote:

Errata for UFT388: equation 39 curl(A)= – omega X A to make equations 7, 31 and 32 consistent
page 8 line 3 scalar spin connection omega_0

Don’t see any other changes.

On Sep 19, 2017, at 1:07 AM, EMyrone wrote:

Many thanks! Greatly appreciated as ever.

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Posted today


On 9/18/2017 3:29 AM, EMyrone wrote:

This three author paper gives several new laws of electrodynamics on the ECE2 level, and shows that antisymmetry is rigorously conserved while retaining analytical and numerical tractability. The ECE wave equarion and the Lindstrom constraint (trace antisymmetry equation) are brought into consideration, so the theory reaches full power. It has unlimited application. Section 3 is sketched in for Dr Horst Eckardt to produce analysis and graphics which map the vacuum. The MH theory is now completely obsolete because it violates antisymmetry and has no concept of circuit vacuum interaction.