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Yes I agree, the colour graphics are essential because they bring the mathematics and physics vividly alive.

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I entered the book at ePubli. The price depends on the number of coloured pages which is a lot. Therefore the book will become quite expensive, about 100€ sales price. A black-and-white version would cost about 40€ but will not look very attractive because figures rely on coloured graphs. Should I order the coloured version?


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Many thanks to all concerned! The final monograph is a significant advance in knowledge and is a challenge to many aspects of the standard model of physics. Particular thanks are due to Douglas Lindstrom, Robert Cheshire, Russ Davis and Steve Crothers for helping to fund the production. Therefore is an important chapter ten by Ulrich Bruchholz on his theory of elementary particles, a theory that is able to calculate elementary particle masses where the standard model fails, and a landmark chapter eleven by Stephen Crothers on the refutation of the fundamentals of Big Bang and black hole theory, combined with criticisms of the Planck theory. This chapter complements criticisms of the Planck theory in the Evans / Morris papers on and We must question in order that we may understand. Finally the book was collated, edited, and mainly funded by Dr. Horst Eckardt, who has made many fundamental contributions of his own in the last twelve years or so.

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Subj: Final version of PECE2 book

Dear authors,

I finished editing of the book. Please check that you chapters are
completely valid and let me know if something needs to be changed.

Best regards,

386(2): Simple Conservation of Antisymmetry in Magnetostatics

This note gives a simple solution (21) – (24). In general, Eqs. (11) and (14) to (16) must be solved simultaneously by computer. So antisymmetry is conserved in general in magnetostatics, Q. E. D. Eq. (24) is the magnetic equivalent of E = – omega sub 0 A. Given any potential vector, the spin connection vector must always be worked out by antisymmetry.


Discussion of Note 386(1)

Many thanks. The fact that you have solved Eqs. (5) to (7) for the spin connection is of key importance, so I will try a few ideas based on that. Eq. (8.352) of PECE2 is a useful expression for the vector potential of a current loop. If it is assumed in the first approximation that this can be used in the antisymmetry equations ((5) to (7), then the spin connection for a current loop can be found and graphed. The magnetic field is then

B = curl A – omega x A


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FOR POSTING: UFT385 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

Thanks again!

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To Dave, These are the Sections 1 and 2 and background notes, thanks again!

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This is a paper that demonstrates that the electric dipole field of electrostatics conserves antisymmetry. In general the same method can be used to show that any static electric field strength conserves antisymmetry. The conservation of antisymmetry is a new fundamental law of physics, as fundamental as conservation of energy / momentum or charge / current density. The same method can be used to show that any static magnetic flux density in regions where the current density is vanishingly small conserves antisymmetry. The antisymmetry laws are solved numerically by Dr. Horst Eckardt and give the spin connections or “vacuum structure”.

ECE2 en route for a new record high

ECE2 is on route for a new record high of 4077 readings in August 2017. The previous record was 2694 readings for July 2017. In May 2017 there were 1804 readings. These are readings of UFT313 – UFT385 from For combined sites the total is doubled. I send my congratulations to the AIAS / UPITEC Institute on shattering the old record. Half of standard model papers are never read at all. The others are cited only by other standard modellers.

Annual Rate of Reading of Books and ECE2 Items on 18/8/17

1) ECE2 (UFT313 – UFT385) 99,199 times a year (record high).
2) Collected Poetry (Barddoniaeth)* 12,329 times a year (readings and audiences of readings).
3) Principles of ECE Volume One (PECE) 5,881.
4) Principles of ECE Volume Two (PECE2) 2,149.
5) Autobiography vols. One and Two 4,583.
6) Evans Equations by Lar Felker 3,974.
7) Chapter Three (Sp) of Item 5 8,395.
8) Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation 1,622.

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The estimates are for combined sites and It is estimated that the poetry interest would be doubled if it were available on www.upitec.or.