Plans for Chapter Six

UFT336 to UFT341 will be used as the basis for chapter six, on the development of the ECE2 vacuum and the ECE2 vacuum particle. Recently great progress has been made by developing the ECE2 vacuum as a generally covariant fluid, and that theory has reached note two for UFT363, which I will work on shortly, giving another new explanation for precession in terms of novel spin connection components. Chapter four may be said to wreck the Einstein theory and chapter five to wreck the Dirac theory. However I am not a wrecker, I am always an inductive scientist looking for new discoveries. I would rather describe myself as a surgeon, sometime drastic surgery is needed in physics.

Wind 3.54%, 1 – 20 mph, Wales 2 – 12 mph, 0726 local time

The wind speed now in the area of the Betws turbines is 3 mph according to the met office wind map, directed to the south west. This is nowhere near enough to start the giant turbines, (7 – 9 mph to start them). So in winter they are as useless as in summer. Winds are no stronger in winter than in summer. Energy from spacetime (ES) power stations are feasible with the remarkably precise replication this week of the pioneering circuit by the AIAS / UPITEC group. International interest is building up in this already (UFT364 on , its precise theoretical explanation from the internationally renowned Einstein Cartan Evans theory is archived in UFT311). Wind turbines are a primitive throwback – my early morning work on this blog shows clearly that they are completely useless in Wales. They do not save on emissions. Welsh Assembly Ministers have no knowledge of science and just read out a script. Their advisors are part of the wind industry’s capitalist cabal and lobbying machine. Many turbines were thrown up for money (subsidies), decimating planning rules and ignoring objections, all for no purpose at all. ES power stations can be miniaturized, would be very economical, and would eventually make all pother forms of electric generation obsolete. They could be used anywhere and on any scale, from powering a calculator to a full scale array of power stations. That is a bright future given an imaginative government. “A people gets the government it deserves”.

Daily Report Saturday 3/12/16

The equivalent of 98,325 printed pages was downloaded during the day (358.493 megabytes) from 456 distinct visits each averaging 3.3 memory pages and 7 minutes, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten 176, Collected ECE2 116, Evans Equations 99(est), Collected scientometrics 67, F3(Sp) 26, UFT88 18, Principles of ECE 17, Eckardt / Lindstrom 16, Evans Equations 16, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 14, Collected Proofs 14, Autobiography volumes one and two 13, UFT311 7, Ide Replication 6, Llais 6, PECE 6, UFT321 5, CEFE 5, PLENR 4, Self charging inverter 3, Engineering Model 3, UFT313 2, UFT314 3, UFT315 2, UFT316 2, UFT318 3, UFT319 4, UFT320 1, UFT323 1, UFT324 3, UFT325 1, UFT326 2, UFT327 3, UFT328 3, UFT329 3, UFT330 5, UFT331 3, UFT332 3, UFT334 3, UFT335 4, UFT336 5, UFT338 1, UFT339 2, UFT340 1, UFT341 3, UFT343 3, UFT345 2, UFT346 5, UFT347 4, UFT348 2, UFT349 3, UFT351 3, UFT352 2, UFT353 2, UFT354 2, UFT355 3, UFT356 3, UFT357 4, UFT358 1, UFT359 2, UFT360 2, UFT361 1, UFT362 5 to date in December 2016. University of Chemistry and Technology Prague 2D paper; University of Tuebingen levitron; National Electrification Administration of the Philippines levitron; Mathematics University of Bristol, home page, UNCC Saga Parts One to Four, historical source documents. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2016.


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Early View and docx File of Chapter Five

This is the docx file of my part of chapter five on new types of spectra predicted by ECE2. I will probably complete the chapter with its equations by tomorrow morning, then proceed with UFT363. Next weekend is planned for my part of chapter six on new vacuum effects of ECE2. Chapter seven is planned to be on my part of the ECE2 theory of precessional effects observable in satellites and so forth, then probably two more chapters on the ECE2 triple unification of dynamics, electrodynamics and fluid dynamics. Then follow chapters by the co authors: Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom on Energy from Spacetime and LENR, and Stephen Crothers on criticisms of the standard model dogma in gravitational physics. The entire volume will be illustrated with the now famous graphics and computations by Horst Eckardt adn will be produced in Spanish translation by Alex Hill.

ECE2 The Second Paradigm Shift Chapter Five.docx


Co President’s Congratulations

Fully agreed with Co President GArteh John Evans, who serves on Welsh environment committees.

Sent: 03/12/2016 23:26:04 GMT Standard Time

It is a very important replication of your work Osamu and demonstration that energy can be abstracted from space-time. Congratulations to you all.

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Power Stations using Electric Power from Spacetime (ES)

Congratulations to all concerned as Civil List Pensioner and AIAS Co President! This is a major breakthrough that opens the way to power stations based on energy from spacetime. The international AIAS / UPITEC has pioneered and built circuits that are precisely reproducble and repeatable, and has also pioneered ECE and ECE2 unified field theories. ECE precisely described the circuit in UFT311, and the experimental replication is reported in UFT364. The Westminster Parliament has been notified of these advances in a Committee report by Osamu Ide. So maximum effort should be put in to the mass production of these devices. Every home and factory will have its own power station. My study of the past few months reported daily in thsi blog shows very clearly that wind turbines are a terrible failure, a complete fiasco. Energy policy should eb based on ES power stations, hydroelectric power and LENR power stations (see report by Douglas Lindstrom on This would bring in Stephen Bannister’s second industrial revolution.


Dear Dr. Evans,

I have just seen UFT364. As you understand well, it was so important paper for me.

Because Dr. Eckardt and Bernhard succeeded in perfect replication of my paper.

It behaves over-unity efficiency. They independently made my inverter system and measured by different instrument.

Then they got the result of closely related to my experiment.

Munich group of Dr. Eckardt succeeded in replication of my two papers. The first one is UFT311 in the last year, the basic experiment of the 3rd positive EMF.

The second step is UFT364. It clearly shows the existing of space time fluctuated energy induced by the 3rd positive EMF.

As could as I remember, there has been no example of experiment that the over-unity device had replicated perfectly in the world.



From: []
Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2016 11:18 PM
Subject: FOR POSTING: UFT364

This is a very important replication and can be posted as UFT364. I hope that circuits like this can be mass produced very soon, they are needed for new forms of power.

To: Emyrone
CC: daphne, mail
Sent: 02/12/2016 17:27:00 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Osamu Ide Circuit replication

The paper on the circuit replication of Osamu Ide has been finished now,
the Munich group was able to fully verify Osamu’s measurements. Can this
go as an UFT paper to the AIAS web site? I will additionally link it to
the publications section.



Thanks again!