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273(3): Orbital Linear Velocity in 2 – D and 3 – D

A direct graphical comparison can be made of v as a function of phi in 2 – D and 3 – D using Eqs. (10) to (14) and (15) to (21) respectively.


Daily Report Sunday 28/9/14

There were 1932 hits from 372 distinct visits, main spiders from google, MSN and yahoo. F3(Sp) 811, Auto1 419, Auto2 93, Book of Scientometrics 272, Evans Equations 256 numerous (Spanish), engineering Model 111, CEFE 67, Llais 64, Englynion 84, Principles of ECE 33 to date in September 2014. Denver University Crothers’ Criticism of Einsteinian General Relativity (article BB on, Princeton University UFT85, University of Massachusetts UFT41; University of New Hampshire UFT2; Canon Corporation Japan UFT227. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2014.

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UFT88 Read at Illinois State and National Tsing Hua

Yesterday UFT88 was read at Illinois State (webometric world ranking 962) and National Tsing Hua Taiwan (world ranking 226). UFT99 was read at Tezpur University India (word ranking 4,111). A few days ago UFT88 was read at Mathematics Oxford (world ranking 18) and this month has been studied eighty times to date. It completely refutes the Einstein theory by incorporating torsion. It has been read around the world many thousand times since it was written about nine years ago without a single objection being received. The obsolete physics has been completely refuted – their only answer seems to be the use of attempted “black listing”. By “they” is meant a few ageing protagonists who know nothing at all about Cartan geometry. The AIAS scientometrics are completely clear – ECE has been accepted overwhelmingly for a decade. All ECE papers are in Google Scholar. The censorship is ineffective because AIAS is a much more powerful publisher in its own right using modern open source methods to bring new science direct to the colleagues without the intervention of money grabbing publishers such as World Sceintific. ECE has been studied repeatedly in all the top ten universities in the world by webometrics ranking. The top five at present are: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell and Michigan. There have been several thousand readings of ECE theory from the top five. I was at Cornell Theory Center from 1988 to 1992 with a year at Zurich. The B(3) has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, Wolf Prizes, Milner Award and Priestley Medal and has been recognized with a Civil List Pension and Award of Arms. Some publishers like World Scientific repeatedly breached contract on B(3) and apparently keep “black lists” of authors they do not like. For many years I refused to have anything to do with World Scientific and have taken up that boycott again. The Labour Party and the Trade Union Movement want McCarthy type black listing to become a criminal offence. The contrast between the hugely successful ECE and the dirty tactics of the establishment illustrates Victor Hugo: “One can stop armies but not the march of ideas”.

Daily Report 24/9/14

There were 1,882 hits from 463 distinct visits, main spiders from google, MSN and yahoo. F3(Sp) 666, Auto1 372, Auto2 80, Book of Scientometrics 245, Engineering Model 104, UFT88 80, CEFE 59, Englynion 75, Llais 52, UFT269 47, Evans Equations 65 numerous (Spanish), Principles of ECE 29, Auto Sonnets 9. University of Toronto general; Bayer Health Care Germany UFT140(Sp); Library System University of Hamburg general; University of Colorado “Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”; Engineering Illinois State University UFT88; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology UFT262; The University of Tennessee Knoxville Educational Note Two; University of Poitiers general; United States Oak Ridge National Laboratory general; Tezu University India UFT99; Monastery of the Cross (Georgian Orthodox) Jerusalem My Page and Overview of ECE Theory; Norwegian University of Science and Technology Potential Waves; Quaid i Azam University Pakistan UFT175; Library National Tsing Hua University Taiwan UFT88; Mathematics Bristol University CV, Major Advances of ECE theory, Civil List Pension, Collected Civil List Documents; Southampton University Essay 64. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2014.

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Boycott of World Scientific

I refused to work with World Scientific for a long time until you asked me to work with you on “To B(3) or Not to B(3)”. AIAS has evolved out of the grip of profiteers and has its own hugely successful publishing method. If you wish to join us in “Principles of ECE” you are welcome, but not with World Scientific. Any number of other publishers can be found. I find WS to be contract breakers.

FOR POSTING: UFT272 Sections 1 and 2

Thanks again!

FOR POSTING: UFT272 Sections 1 and 2

This is UFT272, producing sets of equations for a range of original graphics of three dimensional orbits pencilled in for Section 3 by co author Dr Horst Eckardt.