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UFT88 Read at University College of Swansea

UC Swansea was founded in 1920 and is ranked 1,402 in the world by Webometrics, 350 – 400 in the world by Times Higher Education. UFT88 is a famous paper that refutes the Einsteinian general relativity directly, by refuting the second Bianchi identity as used by Einstein. The correct second Bianchi identity is given in Eq. (105) of UFT255 and reviewed in UFT281, the first chapter of “Principles of ECE Theory”. So it is clear that staff and students within the University of Wales have accepted ECE theory in line with essentially all the universities of relevance in the world.

Daily Report 26/2/15

There were 2,300 hits or files downloaded from 531 distinct visits or study sessions, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. F3(Sp) 572, Auto1 478, Auto2 122, Evans / Morris papers 343, Book of Scientometrics 198, Eckart / Lindstrom papers 191, UFT88 152, Principles of ECE 143, Evans Equations 113 (numerous Spanish); Engineering Model 95, Englynion 88 (second book of poetry), CEFE 78, Llais 32, Autobiography Sonnets 22 to date in February 2015. Mathematics University of Ulm UFT213; Claremont Universities UFT155; Indian National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (on edu) AIAS Fellows; Yale University UFT146; University of Ovieda Spain Space Energy Devices (Sp); French National Polytechnic Institute Toulouse UFT113; Sciences University of Metz UFT42; University of Poitiers general; Hitachi Corporation Japan 2D paper; United States Naval Marines Command genreal; Mexican Government National Institute of Statistics F9(Sp); Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Groningen UFT100; Prince of Songkla University Thailand UFT247; School of Natural and Computing Sciences Aberdeen University UFT33; University College of Wales Swansea UFT88. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2015.

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Computing note 308(5)

Many thanks again, most interesting result! I will now go ahead and write up UFT308 as a four author paper.

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Subj: note 308(5)

I computed the X, Y and Z component of the dipole matrix elements as given by eqs.(14-16). The results are as expected. The Z component gives the transitions with delta m = 0, the X and Y components the transitions with delta m = +-1. The Y components are the same as the X components but imaginary. This means that their absolute value is negativ, indicating reverse polarization.



UFT88 Read at Ohio State and Witwatersrand

UFT88 was read for the second time at both these Universities. Ohio State is the third largest campus in the U. S. and a world ranking university, and Witwatersrand is situated in South Africa, also a reputable university. The final result of UFT88 is Eq. (105) of UFT255, the second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion. This could have been derived by Cartan in the early twenties but it seems that UFT88 was the first work dedicated to it. Currently, UFT88 is being read at the rate of about two thousand times a year, and anyone who has been following this blog in 175 countries knows that UFT88 and UFT255 have been accepted by the best in the world. This means that the Einsteinian era in relativity has been refuted and replaced by the “ECE era”. This is because the Einstein field equation was based on the incorrect second Bianchi identity of 1902, which omitted torsion. The latter was not discovered by Elie Cartan and his Paris group until twenty years later, and was not known to Einstein. Eq. (105) of UFT255 is reviewed in UFT281 and is universally accepted because it is basic geometry. The importance of this is that Einstein based his 1915 field equation directly on the incorrect second Bianchi identity of 1902, so no inference of Einsteinian general relativity can be correct. This may greatly surprise the general public, which has been fed a diet of dogma by the media, but it is now well known to the best scholars worldwide. The corrected first Bianchi identity is Eq. (106) of UFT255, the Cartan identity. Those few dogmatists who still refuse to accept these developments attempt to remove torsion by essentially using equal indices in the commutator of UFT99, also a heavily studied paper. This results in a null commutator and null curvature as proven in the five definitive proofs on Null curvature means that gravitation disappears completely, and none of us can fall off a cliff. Our toothpaste floats around in the mornings. The old dogmatic system of publishing and refereeing has also been entirely rejected and the AIAS method accepted spontaneously because of its merit. That is shown very clearly by the fact that the best in the world have studied ECE theory since inception in March 2003 (see the collected scientometrics in UFT307).

Daily Report 25/2/15

There were 2,420 files downloaded (or hits) from 495 study visits during the day, main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, yandex, wotbox and seznam. F3(Sp) 566, Auto1 469, Auto2 119, Evans / Morris papers 326, Book of Scientometrics 192, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 191, Evans Equations 143 (numerous Spanish), Principles of ECE 143, UFT88 130, Engineering Model 95, Englynion 87 (second book of poetry), CEFE 75, Llais 31, UFT305 29, Autobiography Sonnets 23 (first book of poetry) to date in February 2015. Ministry of Education (XTec) Catalonia F3(Sp); University of Toronto UFT67; Iparadigms Corporation extensive; Physics Technical University of Kaiserslautern UFT81; State University of New York at Albany infinite solenoid; Florida Institute of Technology UFT63, 75; Ohio State University UFT88; University of Vigo Spain UFT166(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Greek School Network general; Mesh Corporation Japan extensive; Faculty of Humanities University of Amsterdam general; Girton College Cambridge UFT120; Physics Oxford University UFT25; Oxford University eduroam system UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2015.

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Rapid Increase of Interest in the Evans / Morris Papers

These are UFT278-280, UFT289-291, UFT300, 304 and 306 in English and Spanish. They were initiated as an explanation of the experimental Evans / Morris effects on the blog of, which show repeatable and reproducible shifts in the visible frequencies of a probe laser as it propagates through various samples. This is an entirely new discovery in optics. The initial papers developed into a new and very rigorous test of the Planck distribution and quantum mechanics, with suggestions for a simple interferometric experiment. The test comes about very simply by combining the intensity ratio I / I0 from the 115 year old Planck distribution with the same intensity ratio I / I0 from the approximately three hundred year old Bouguer Beer Lambert law. I am about to write up UFT308 suggesting more tests based on well known solutions of the Schroedinger equation which are used by Horst Eckardt to compute the transition dipole moment of the Beer Lambert law. The original Evans / Morris effects are reproducible and repeatable and are essentially simple experiments which can be carried out at home, but to realize that they exist took great insight on behalf of Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris. They both work outside the university system.

Sunlight Shifted to the Red

Very interesting result as usual, which with the permission of Gareth and Trevor I am posting on the blog as usual. The overall mechanism according to basic quantum theory is:

omega = omega0 exp ( – alpha (omega0) Z / 3)

where alpha is the power absorption coefficient of the olive oil in the visible range. So if alpha (omega0) is known experimentally (the chlorophyll absorption spectrum) it can be used to calculate the red shifted frequency omega at the sample path length Z.

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Subj: Re: Planck Distribution and Rayleigh Scattering

Excellent Myron. Attached is focused SUNLIGHT shifted to red by extra virgin olive oil in a drinking glass. A very easy experiment. You can see the focused white light on the front face of the glass. All the component colours of the white light is shifted to this red frequency by chlorophyll in the olive oil (around 680nm). This is the frequency of light that would mormally be absorbed by livibg plants during photosynthesis. So, as we have stated in the past, this is nature at its intricate best (using as much of the incident radiation as possible for photosynthesis and protecting delicate cells from ionising radiation in the uv in the process). This is nature using the effects you are developing and explaining.

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Subject: Planck Distribution and Rayleigh Scattering

The theories of the Planck distribution and Rayleigh scattering both calculate I / I0 so there will be hitherto unknown frequency shifts in Rayleigh scattering and also Raman scattering. These are worked out by calculating I / I0 from the Planck distribution and form the theory of Rayleigh scattering, and equating the results. These shifts are reminiscent of Compton scattering, which is a theory worked out with one photon. Therefore Evans / Morris effects are ubiquotous throughout optics and spectroscopy. I will write up UFT308 and then proceed to Rayleigh scattering combined with the Planck distribution.