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392(5): The Complete ECE2 Equations and Method of Solution

This note gives a convenient review of the ECE2 equations for electrodynamics, and shows that the standard model violates antisymmetry in many ways in electrodynamics, gravitation, classical dynamics and fluid dynamics and also quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. This was first shown in UFT131 ff. A general method of solution is given, and this will be used in future work in electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics, later for quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. The fields due to interaction with the vacuum are always present (the doppelganger or “double goer” or “shadow” fields). Evidence for this is given in the well known radiative corrections. These fields are defined by the spin connection, which can be engineered to give electric power from spacetime.


The Conservation of Antisymmetry and Mapping the Vacuum

This is the most important advance of recent work (about UFT380 onwards). The conservation of antisymmetry puts a rigorous constraint on all of physics, and is a new law of physics. It shows that the old physics missed an entire landscape – the physics of the vacuum , spacetime, or aether. Many if not all of the standard model laws violate antisymmetry and the conservation of antisymmetry needs an ubiquitous interaction with the vacuum through the spin connection of ECE and ECE2 physics. This advance has been immeidately accpeted by the avant garde ECE School of Thought as we can see from the feedback to UFT380 onwards. Its practical implications are limited only by imagination. The circuit papers of UFT382 and UFT383 show how energy can be taken from spcetime (often known as the aether or vacuum). I will continue with UFT392 by showing that the Coulomb Law violates antisymmetry. It needs its doppelganger, (double or shadow) – the vacuum map. The doppelganger was used by Schubert in one of his most famous songs.

New Record High Interest in ECE2

The record number of readings of UFT313 – UFT391 of August 2017 has been shattered in October 2017 with two days still to go. The interest has increased by a factor of four in 2017 (400%). There is particularly intense interest in UFT380 to UFT391, the latest papers. The blog of has been read in 192 countries since 1 / 1 / 10, the site has probably been read in almost every country in the world since 2002 and similarly for and All three sites are archived on, the Wayback Machine, and archiving of on will soon be complete. They are transferring the digital archives of the copyright libraries to Wayback Machine software, a long and difficult process. Once complete, the two archives will be of key importance to avant garde thought in science and also my literary output on I can see from my feedback that there is intense interest in the Welsh language all over the world, and also in UNESCO. Many congratulations to all the staffs. There are 193 Member States of the United Nations, and two Observer States. UNESCO is none too happy at the remote tory misgovernment from London that has seriously damaged the famous culture of Wales. Libraries and schools are being closed and of course the Welsh medium schools are always treated badly by London. UNESCO has already expressed concern about the state of the language.

Spanish version of UFT391

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Daily Report Sunday 29/10/17: New Record High

The equivalent of 1,445,145 printed pages was downloaded during the day (5.269 gigabytes) from 7.113 downloaded memory files (hits) and 535 distinct visits each averaging 9 minutes and 11.7 pages, printed pages to hits ratio of 203.17, top referrals total 2,317,209, main spiders Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 4075 (new record high), Top ten 1511, Collected Evans / Morris 957(est), Collected scientometrics 615, F3(Sp) 486, Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 320, Principles of ECE 312, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 304, Autobiography volumes one and two 242, Collected Proofs 225, UFT88 177, MJE 146, Evans Equations 111, Engineering Model 105, CV 84, PLENR 83, PECE 77, UFT311 70, CEFE 50, UFT321 46, PECE2 42, ADD 40, Llais 37, UFT313 45, UFT314 47, UFT315 59, UFT316 39, UTF317 51, UFT318 64, UFT319 59, UFT320 59, UFT322 49, UFT323 59, UFT324 73, UFT325 62, UFT326 49, UFT327 51, UFT328 65, UFT329 59, UFT330 35, UFT331 72, UFT332 78, UFT333 44, UFT334 32, UFT335 62, UFT336 48, UFT337 30, UFT338 34, UFT339 44, UFT340 42, UFT341 51, UFT342 46, UFT343 45, UFT344 44, UFT345 66, UFT346 59, UFT347 52, UFT348 48, UFT349 52, UFT351 71, UFT352 57, UFT353 45, UFT354 51, UFT355 47, UFT356 40, UFT357 48, UFT358 57, UFT359 43, UFT360 29, UFT361 35, UFT362 39, UFT363 38, UFT364 51, UFT365 36, UFT366 52, UFT367 52, UFT368 46, UFT369 57, UFT370 48, UFT371 45, UFT372 46, UFT373 47, UFT374 39, UFT375 35, UFT376 38, UFT377 51, UFT378 48, UFT379 39, UFT380 43, UFT381 58, UFT382 83, UFT383 80, UFT384 63, UFT385 90, UFT386 77, UFT387 79, UFT388 66, UFT389 103, UFT390 59, UFT391 22 to date in October 2017. Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences University of Sao Paulo Brazil UFT38; Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zuerich UFT213; Autonomous University of Barcelona UFT351(Sp); complete site download; World Wide Web Consortium general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2017.


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Daily Report Saturday 28/10/17

The equivalent of 162,241 printed pages was downloaded (591.532 megabytes) from 2,094 downloaded memory files (hits) and 491 distinct visits each averaging 3.8 memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 77.48, top referrals total 2,316,972, main spiders Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 3625, Top ten 1505, Collected Evans / Morris 858(est), Collected scientometrics 530, F3(Sp) 477, Principles of ECE 278, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 265, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 244, Autobiography volumes one and two 226, UFT88 169, MJE 143, Evans Equations 106, Engineering Model 93, PLENR 79, CV 77, PECE 73, UFT311 64, 83Ref 48, PECE2 48, CEFE 46, SCI 40, ADD 35, Llais 31, UFT313 38, UFT314 41, UFT315 54, UFT316 33, UFT317 46, UFT318 57, UFT319 53, UFT320 54, UFT322 44, UFT323 54, UFT324 69, UFT325 55, UFT326 43, UFT327 45, UFT328 58, UFT329 52, UFT330 30, UFT331 66, UFT332 72, UFT333 37, UFT334 28, UFT335 54, UFT336 42, UFT337 26, UFT338 30, UFT339 39, UFT340 37, UFT341 45, UFT342 41, UFT343 38, UFT344 41, UFT345 57, UFT346 53, UFT347 46, UFT348 44, UFT349 44, UFT351 63, UFT352 50, UFT353 40, UFT354 45, UFT355 41, UFT356 34, UFT357 44, UFT358 49, UFT359 38, UFT360 25, UFT361 31, UFT362 35, UFT363 34, UFT364 47, UFT365 30, UFT366 48, UFT367 48, UFT368 42, UFT369 53, UFT370 44, UFT371 41, UFT372 42, UFT373 43, UFT374 35, UFT375 31, UFT376 33, UFT377 46, UFT378 44, UFT379 35, UFT380 38, UFT381 53, UFT382 68, UFT383 76, UFT384 59, UFT385 86, UFT386 72, UFT387 85, UFT388 61, UFT389 99, UFT390 54, UFT391 17 to date in October 2017. Institute for Distributed Systems University of Hannover UFT260; Town of Tarnobrzeg Poland general; University of Anadolu Turkey UFT152. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2017.


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Violation of Antisymmetry Conservation by Einstein and Newton

This note is a simple demonstration of the fact that the Newton and Einstein theories of gravitation fail catastrophically because they do not conserve antisymmetry. In both theories the ECE2 spin connection four vector is zero, there is no interaction with the vacuum, and the vacuum has no structure. In consequence the vector antisymmetry law in 2D, Eq. (16), is violated in both theories. In ECE2 obits it is conserved, as is already well known worldwide from the very intense interest in UFT380 to UFT391 from all sectors. The fundamental reason for this failure of Einstein and Newton is that neither is based on the correct geometry (Cartan geometry). Newton is not based on geometry at all, it is a seventeenth century theory in which space and time are distinct. It is a Galilean covariant theory. Einstein is not based on the correct geometry, it is based on a wildly incorrect theory in which torsion is missing. Obviously the standard model tests of these theories fell far short of what was needed to reveal their failures. The velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy shows experimentally that both theories fail completely (“Principles of ECE, Volume One” chapter eight), whereas ECE2 gives the correct explanation qualitatively. The astronomer, Vera Rubin, who discovered the velocity curve was ostracized for a long time, because the curve cannot be explained by Einstein. So that was rank heresy. The dark matter theory was cobbled up in a hurry to mend the big hole in Einstein’s boot caused by stepping on a galaxy. In fact he never wore boots, only sockless slippers, but it is only a metaphor. The velocity curve was discovered by Vera Rubin in the late nineteen sixties, but the standard modellers still try to claim that Einstein is miraculously precise. Wiki covers up the fact that she was ostracized, but wiki is being ostracized itself when it comes to ECE and ECE2, there is no interest in its bile. Einstein went to his naturalization ceremony without any socks. He appears also to have forgotten his pipe.