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Minor Typo in Note 304(6).

Eq. (5) should be:

I / I0 = (E / E1) squared

This is just a minor slip and does not affect the note. This equation gives the power absorption coefficient of the Beer Lambert law as:

alpha = omega eps” / (n’ c)

where omega is the angular frequency, eps” is the dielectric loss, n’ is the real part of the refractive index, and c is the vacuum speed of light. This equation is used in several hundred of the early Omnia Opera papers and books on The second equation above was among the very first things I studied for my Ph. D. – during the summer of 1971 after I graduated the top first in chemistry. I was given the Ph. D. Thesis of G. W. F. Pardoe to study by Mansel Davies. It contained a description of the Debye plateau – the limit of the Debye theory where it becomes inapplicable in the far infra red. The Debye theory produces an unphysical plateau from the second of the above equations. I corrected the Debye theory using the memory function to produce an accurate description of the power absorption coefficient of liquids and other materials in the far infra red, and extended the method using molecular dynamics computer simulation which I helped pioneer at Oxford and Aberystwyth. The prestigious Harrison Memorial Prize and Meldola Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry was awarded to me for this work. Those prizes are worth a lot more now. I became known as “Mr Far Infra Red”, being a lifelong Bevanite Socialist (a raving left wing radical). So now this same type of equation has shown that photon mass must be non zero in any absorption, including of course the far infra red.

Increasing Interest in UFT300

There has been a sharp increase in interest in the most recent papers of the UFT series on the Evans / Morris shifts, which in my opinion should be nominated for a Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize and Milner award of three million dollars. These are UFT278, 279, 280, 289, 290, 291 and 300. The most popular paper is UFT300, in which the shifts are explained by a simple but profound combination of the Planck distribution and the Beer Lambert law. This is a severe and critically important test of the foundations of the quantum theory. The Evans / Morris papers are being read at the rate of 3,732 times a year at present, and again by the best in the world. UFT300 also explains the cosmological red shift without Big Bang (see also UFT49). I will now proceed to writing up UFT304, which describes spectral splittings due to the Evans / Morris shifts, and which develops a general theory of photon mass from any absorption. This method immediately refutes the standard model and Higgs boson theory, because the latter is based on zero photon mass. That idea was an early piece of guesswork by Albert Einstein in 1905. The correct theory with non zero photon mass was given by Henri Poincare at almost exactly the same time. Zero photon mass is easily shown to be totally wrong, it leads to the E(2) little group of the Poincare group, first inferred by Eugene Wigner. There cannot be a Higgs boson, that idea was forced through by propaganda. I am sure that they are going to really like me for writing these things, but that is science. Otherwise we have the weirdest dogma imaginable at astronomical expense. The real science of AIAS is almost all voluntary and costs the taxpayer £2,400 pounds every year, my Civil List Pension.

Interest Yesterday from “The Times” of London and UC Irvine in UFT88

There was a visit yesterday from “The Times” – interested in the 2005 award of the Civil List Pension. There have been many visits from the BBC over the past decade, and there was another one last week. Yesterday a staff member or student at University of California Irvine studied UFT88 which refutes the Einstein theory straightforwardly by use of torsion, a geometrical property unknown to Einstein until Cartan inferred it about six years after the 1915 field equation of Einstein. In fact this equation was immediately criticized by several distinguished scholars and effectively rejected. This is not known to the general public. It is meaningless because it neglects torsion, and has been replaced by the ECE equations in the Engineering Model (UFT303) and the x theory of 2014. It is reviewed in “The Principles of ECE Theory” (UFT281 to UFT288). This new book is already being read at the rate of 4,200 times a year, and UFT88 is being read at the rate of 1,500 times a year, AND by the best in the world. The Einstein field equation is in fact dogma, being kept alive by the media. The latter does not understand it and preaches to people who also do not understand it. This is the precise opposite of Baconian science.

Daily Report 29/1/15

There were 2,204 files downloaded from 458 distinct visits or reading sessions during the day. Main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and seznam. Auto1 378, Auto2 158, Principles of ECE 344, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 321, Evans / Morris papers 311, Book of Scientometrics 244, F3(Sp) 187, UFT88 155, Engineering Model 137, Englynion 98 (Second Book of Poetry), CEFE 94, Evans Equations 66 (numerous Spanish), Llais 55, Autobiography Sonnets 41 (First Book of Poetry), Survey of Top Universities 25, Survey of all UFT papers being read 23 to date in January 2015. University of Denver Numerical Notes 2; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) UFT215; Princeton University UFT104; University of California Irvine UFT88; University of Texas UFT177; University of Helsinki UFT206; Physics Tampere University of Technology Finland UFT214; University of Poitiers general; Mesh Company Japan second current; HVIV Internet Freedom Organization Netherlands general; Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology National Technical University of Norway UFT123; University College of Wales Cardiff Statement by Stephen Crothers, AIAS staff; Newcastle University Hehl Rebuttal; News Corp UK (publisher of “The Times”, “Sunday Times” and “The Sun”) Award of Civil List Pension. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for January 2015.

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304(7): Photon Velocity and Mass for any Absorption Spectrum

Pleasure, the concept is entirely new so very exciting.

304(7): Photon Velocity and Mass for any Absorption Spectrum

This note gives the method for calculating the photon velocity using Eq. (16) for any power absorption coefficient. Having found the velocity the photon mass is calculated using Eq. (19) for any absorption spectrum. It is obviously not zero as in the standard model


Simplifying Eq. (26)

Many thanks, a very useful result which I can use to calculate the velocity v with the Debye model.

In a message dated 29/01/2015 15:37:01 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Eq. (26) can be written as

v = c * n’/(n’^2+n”^2).

This is the realpart of the solution (25), see attached.

Horst hat am 29. Januar 2015 um 15:54 geschrieben:

This is given by E = h bar omega = gamma m c squared, gamma = ( 1 – (v/c) squared) power minus half, and by the general expression (26) for photon velocity v in the presence of absorption. In this case it is no longer the simple c / v. Here m is photon mass. In the next note this set of fundamental optical equations will be solved to give the photon velocity in terms of the power absorption coefficient (27). So whenever there is absorption of any kind, photon mass can be calculated and inter alia photon mass always exists for any absorption. This completely refutes the standard model idea of massless photon in yet another way. Horst might like to plot the photon velocity v from eq. (26) in terms of real and imaginary parts of the refractive index. In the first instance these can be modelled, but they can be worked out completely as in the next note.