412(2): Results from 412(1)

Subject: 412(2): Results from 412(1)

This note gives four tables of results from 412(1) for the solar system. It is seen that delta phi = omega sub 1 T gives results that are broadly similar to the Einstein theory with omega 1 < omega self consistently. However the Einstein theory is riddled with errors, over complicated and obsolete. So it is concluded that delta phi is the precession obtained from the de Sitter rotation of Newtonian theory. The unrotated Newton theory gives no precession as is well known. More generally, the fully relativistic theory of Eq. (10) should be used to find omega sub 1 from any precession. This is the universal law of precession for omega not equal to omega sub 1. The only thing that can be honestly observed for planets is the total precession given in column six of Table three. So omega sub 1 should be found from this total precession. I will now proceed to apply this theory to the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar and the S2 star. The latter is a clean system.



412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

Many thanks for this check, computation and graphics. It would be very interesting to calculate omega sub 1 for the planets, Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, and the S2 star system using the exact solution for omega sub 1 and the linearized solution (22). Data for v sub N, omega, T and r are known from astronomy for every object and I will collect them and tabulate them in the next note. After calculating omega sub 1 the precession due to spacetime torsion can be calculated self consistently from Eq. (2). This is a relativistic result evaluated in the limit of Eq. (2). The similar limit for relativistic kinetic energy is described in Eq. (6). The precession in the classical limit is delta phi = omega sub 1 T. This is the result obtained from de Sitter rotation applied to classical, Newtonian, theory, so classical theory in a rotating frame produces precession, a completely new result. In the next note I will develop the relativistic theory, Eq. (2a), which explains any observable precession in terms of omega sub 1. The only observable precession for the planets is the total precession. We are advancing far beyond the standard model, EGR is no longer used.

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The numerical values are essentially correct. The difference between eqs.(29,30) is even smaller than given, it is in the 4th decimal place, see eq. i18, i21 of the protocol.

When using

v_N = omega*r

which is valid for near-circular orbits, one can plot the functions omega_1(omega) for the exact solution of (3) and the linear solution (12). For parameters chosen all unity (which is quite arbitrary due to relativistic restrictions), one can see in the second plot that both functions start congruently from zero. The exact solution moves into a pole which certainly is outside the validity range of the linearized equation.


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412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth


Planned work for UFT 411,3

Planned work for UFT 411,3

Many thanks, the plan described below is very interesting. agreed with the point about u sub c. In addition, graphics as follows would be important:

1) A plot of r against time for various d omega sub 1 / dt. If possible the data on orbital shrinkage from the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar should be compared with the results of Eq. (27).
2) A plot of the orbit from Eq. (33) as a function of time for a given omega sub 1.
3) A plot of the Einstein result (51) for increasing x, so the development of unphysical results from the Einstein theory is ilustrated vividly. This shos that the Enstin theory is a kind of x theory, giving intricate orbits as x increases, fractal conical sections and so on.

There is no hurry for these results, as usual in AIAS / UPITEC, but the results would be full of interest.

Planned work for UFT 411,3

I am planning to describe
– the effects of omega_1 in the classical limit, including time-variable omega_1
– plot of the function u_c (eq.45) for the EGR model.
Please let me know if any other info would be desirable.

Please notice that u_c is an inverse radius so phi –> inf means that the complete term 1/u_s goes to zero, i.e. even the Newtonian part is affected after some time, shrinking the radius to zero.


conservation of energy principle

Since condolences to Dr. Wheeler, and many thanks for asking him.

412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

Message from Douglas Mann
It is a signal honour to have worked for about fifteen years or more with the highly gifted inventor and industrialist, Dr. Douglas Mann. His assistant Dr Robert Wheeler is the nephew of the well known Prof. John Wheeler, who was the assistant of Prof. Dr. Albert Einstein at the Princeton Institute. John Wheeler sent me a long message of encouragement just as my first wife and I were being forced to leave Charlotte, following a vicious witch hunt described in "The UNCC Saga". We had to leave a lot of our furniture behind and were forced to come back here, an obscure village whose culture and language has been deliberately destroyed. My first wife was also attacked, and our lives almost completely destroyed by dogmatists. These dark dogmatists still lurk in Plato’s cave. The enlightenment of 2003 to present was built after that persecution, which is one of the the low points of twentieth century civilization. John Wheeler sent a long fax message in late 1994 asking for a description of the B(3) field and was quite open minded about it. He replaced my co author Jean-Pierre Vigier (Einstein’s first choice as assistant) because of the McCarthy era mentality in the United States. Vigier, probably the mist distinguished French physicist of the late twentieth century, was denied an entry visa because he was a member of the French Communist Party, a democratically elected party similar to the Bevanite faction of the Labour Party. Subsequently Vigier denounced UNCC at the Vigier One conference, and I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner by Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair ten years after UNCC. It would be very interesting if Robert Wheeler agreed to release some of the correspondence with the Einstein Family, and some anectodes and photographs. We could publish them on www.aias.us.

Dr. Evans,
The human interest parts of your emails are as a light in the darkness:
There are no words that can express my gratitude.
Dr. Robert Wheeler is my assistant and John Wheeler nephew.
Dr.Wheeler has many photographs of Albert Einstein with his family
and story’s about what things were like then.
Dr. Wheeler and I were working on the TR – EM generator.
The Wheeler’s have the ability to build anything that can be imagined.
I have been blessed to have contact with the greatest mines in history
and maybe by standing on such shoulder mankind can touch the stars.
Douglas Mann

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412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

The new equation (1) is derived on the fundamental principle that a relativistic theory must reduce to a classical limit. This equation gives the angular velocity of frame rotation (omega sub 1) in terms of known orbital parameters, and omega sub 1 is worked out for the Earth. It is shown that omega sub 1 is much less than omega, the orbital angular frequency of the earth. The new ECE2 covariant frame rotation theory gives a satisfactory agreement with the experimental data bearing in mind that the experimental non Newtonian precession is 2290 times smaller than the actually observed experimental precession. Eq. (26) gives a simple and powerful relation between omega sub 1 and omega. It is impossible to think of a worse place to test a precession theory than the solar system, because of the huge complications introduced by the effects of other objects. So in the next note the clean S2 star system will be analyzed with the new equation (3), which shows that the calculations and methods of UFT410 are correct and rigorously self consistent. Major progress away from the standard model is being made at a rapid pace. Those dogmatists who still adhere to the Einstein theory are either unaware of the total of almost a hundred refutations in the UFT series alone, or are deliberately ignoring the huge interest in ECE2 theory and all the refutations. This intellectual dishonesty does a great deal of harm to science. However some enlightened astronomers have recently rejected the Einstein theory entirely using the data from the S2 star and similar stars. There are now two entirely different schools of thought in physics: the obsolete standard model and ECE and ECE2. My friend and co author of "The Enigmatic Photon", the late Jean – Pierre Vigier, always said that physics must be a rational discussion based on Periclean Athens. Vigier was invited by Albert Einstein to be his assistant at Princeton, but was not allowed an entry visa because of his left wing views. Vigier was a Member of the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest honour. Einstein then appointed John Wheeler to be his assistant. Probably on Vigier’s recommendation I have been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize for B(3), which Vigier accepted immediately in 1993 because B(3) proved photon mass. This was Vigier’s life work. He held a doctorate from the University of Geneva. Photon mass was proposed by Poincare in 1905, and developed by de Broglie and others. Vigier worked for de Broglie for many years after being sacked for opposing the French atomic bomb.


Paper on the conservation of energy principle

Paper on the conservation of energy principle

In order to calculate the energy density in joules per cubic metre of the ECE2 vacuum, we can proceed as in UFT399. First define the vacuum fluctuations of position as in Lamb shift theory (Eq. (1) of UFT399). This is shivering or zitterbwegung and gives a very accurate description of the Lamb shift in atomic H, as is well known. This leads to the force equation and the ECE2 vacuum electric field strength (E(vac)) in volts per metre (J / C / m). In ECE2 theory this is E(vac) = omega phi, where omega is the vector spin connection and phi the scalar potential. The vacuum energy density is:

En = epsilon sub 0 E(vac) dot E(vac)

in joules per unit volume V, i.e. in joules per cubic metre. Given a volume of radiation V the energy density can be calculated as in the UFT papers reviewed in UFT400. UFT399 describes how the experimentally observed electromagnetic potential is defined:

phi (r + delta r) = phi(r) + phi (vac)

A Taylor series, isotropic averaging and an Euler Bernoulli method is then used to show that at resonance, the energy from the ECE2 vacuum becomes infinite as in any Euler Bernoulli resonance. Many other UFT papers deal with this topic. The total energy density is the vacuum energy density plus the material energy density. The total energy density is conserved in a conservative system. So if infinite energy is defined as an Euler Bernoulli resonance, it can exist with conservation of total energy density. This was first proposed in the early spin connection resonance papers, which were developed in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, UFT292 to UFT299. By now all these papers are classics. having been read tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times or more in toto.