FOR POSTING : Access Details Report

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012 6:43 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: FOR POSTING : Access Details Report

This is the daily access details report prepared by Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc., another way of showing overwhelming interest. This web page htm format does not go on this blog but can be posted to show everyone the amazing level of interest in the work of AIAS, and by implication an overwhelming and complete rejection of the standard model of physics, and a complete rejection of early pseudo”critics” of ECE who have now disappeared. I have sent several of these files today to Dave Burleigh for posting in htm format on provided they cannot be link spammed. I do not think they can be link spammed because these htm files are username and password protected, so spammers cannot get in to them. The whole paraphenalia of standard physics has been rejected completely – its methods of appointment, funding, refereeing, and above all, its obscure and incorrect ideas. This is what is known as freedom of thought, now protected by human rights legislation. Every university of any note has studied repeatedly for nine years and my entire output of work is being studied all the time, right back to 1973, all one thousand papers and books.

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Stages in Refutations in UFT224

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012 4:40 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Stages in Refutations in UFT224

The first stages have been covered in the first two notes, which are meant to show that the Higgs concept of mass is arbitrary, it is an idea taken from condensed matter physics and depends on the unproven assertion of degenerate vacua which can never be observed. The theory even on the simplest level involves many parameters. It concentrates on parameters that define mass by unproven assertion. One part of the theory attributes mass to the photon through this arbitrary exercise known as the Higgs mechanism, but another part continues to use the massless photon in the Glashow Weinberg Salaam theory. In the GWS theory every particle is initially “massless”, so the theory starts with a contradiction – there is no massless particle in nature. After starting with a random contradiction the Higgs mechanism is asserted arbitrarily to give mass to the meaningless massless particles. It is asserted that this produces the correct masses of bosons, but there are several criticims of this claim on the net. One criticism claims that only the difference in masses of bosons is predicted. In my view the particle scattering data need to be interpreted in a completely different way with ECE theory, and no claims made with a random number of variables. There are about seventeen parameters in GWS, some of which are chosen randomly to be “masses”. So GWS will be the subject of my criticism in the next note. After that I will summarize a small selection of the numerous known criticisms of the U(1) sector that have been known for nearly a century, notably that the most general Lorentz transform of a massless particle is unphysical. So a massless particle contradicts special relativity. Secondly the four potential of a massless electromagnetic field has only two transverse polarizations out of the correct four. Two polarizations are removed randomly using the Gupta Bleuler condition. These are criticisms found in any good textbook. Thirdly it has been found in UFT158 ff. that the proton anti proton and electron proton scattering process is not understood even on the most fundamental classical level, it becomes wildly erroneous under proper scholarly scrutiny. These proofs are simple and irrefutable and have all been checked by computer algebra. Fourthly the antisymmetry laws of ECE theory developed in UFT131 ff. and independently by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom refute the U(1) sector symmetry in many ways. Fifthly the inverse Faraday effect is understood in standard physics through the conjugate product of non linear optics, and this is not invariant under the U(1) gauge transformation. It leads to the B(3) field, which refutes the standard model and indicates the existence of photon mass. The B(3) field clearly refutes the Higgs boson. Finally for UFT224 the arguments in UFT150B and UFT155 will be reviewed. These arguments show that the Einstein theory of deflection of a massless photon by gravitation is riddled with errors. So the U(1) sector has so many flaws that the entire standard model is completely meaningless. This is actually very well known, so continued funding of particle physics at the current levels will harm science greatly. It will starve genuine science of funding at a time of fuel crisis and economic austerity.

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Signatures for Petition Rejecting the Higgs Boson

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012 4:08 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Signatures for Petition Rejecting the Higgs Boson

Signatures are beginning to come in. It can be found by “petition Higgs boson”.

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Section 41 Injunction – Class Action

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012 3:55 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Section 41 Injunction – Class Action

Diolch yn fawr iawn, llythyr ardderchog! Excellent letter!


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Search for Instructing Solicitor: Injunctions against Betws and Mynydd y Gwair

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Friday, July 13, 2012 11:44 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Search for Instructing Solicitor: Injunctions against Betws and Mynydd y Gwair

To Tom Grove at Landmark.

The first choice of Alex Lord Carlisle Q. C. as you can see was Sasha White, but he replied to say that he is too busy at present. Can Landmark recommend a first class solicitor who is an expert in international human rights law and planning law, the best that can be found? The statement of claim was based on human rights laws and numerous violations of planning laws, the fact that a 90% local majority against the Betws development was overruled by one bureaucrat. There is a 95% local majority against the proposed Mynydd y Gwair development. The recent Hemsby High Court ruling sets a precedent in that a large local majority cannot be overruled. There is considerable unrest throughout the country at wind turbines. If a Section 41 injunction is granted by a judge against Betws, it will have to be demolished, and that precedent would more or less bring down the government and stop future governments from attempting totalitarianism. All wind turbine developments forced through against a large local opposing majority would have to be demolished. We can raise the funds to have a solicitor assess my statement of claim. If there is a good case we can file for an injunction in Swansea County Court if this is the right court. The Open Spaces Society has kindly indicated it can help with the fees of solicitor and barrister and we can try to implement legal aid and after the event insurance in a class action. We can obtain written agreements to a class action.

Myron Evans

Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, B. Sc., Ph. D., D. Sc. (Wales)
H. M. Civil List

cc Mr Martin Caton, M. P. Gower

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Science Publishing

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Saturday, July 14, 2012 2:10 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Science Publishing

Any person (of any qualification) is allowed to publish a scientific finding in any manner. This process is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. The process is not confined to journals, especially those that do not allow free expression of opinion – the standard model journals. The only criterion in science is that a theory is tested against experimental data. The theory must be mathematically correct. In my career I have published in fifty or sixty different journals, all of them refereed, all the best journals in chemistry and physics. I choose to publish now on websites which are known to attract the interest of essentially all the best quality universities, institutes and similar (attached). This process makes the self appointed prophets irrelevant, it is a rejection of their dogma and false authority. There is obvious worldwide interest in the uncensored work of my AIAS colleagues and myself. This interest is much more immediate and meaningful than citation. Citation can only occur when the standard journals allow freedom of expression. If they do not, and mindlessly censor good science, papers cannot be published and citation of these papers cannot occur. Citation has become meaningless in the age of computer feedback. We rigorously check our work for correctness, and this checking process is accepted worldwide. No one has the right in law to interfere in this process, least of all people who attempt to censor genuine new science. UFT papers to date have been published in several refereed journals, but the best form of refereeing is immediate acceptance. The refereeing process works only when the referee has basic integrity. In the first instance this means reading the paper. We have found that this integrity often does not exist in what is known as standard physics. There is no such thing as standard physics, physics or natural philosophy is a process by which a theory is tested against experimental data. If a theory is mathematically incorrect or contains many empirically adjustable parameters, it is meaningless. We have found repeatedly that the self named standard model of physics is riddled with conceptual and mathematical problems that are pointed out by us in an easily understandable way. The self named standard physics continues to ignore these refutations and continues to make unfounded claims such as the Higgs boson, and to make applications for very wasteful public funding at a time of economic austerity.


Monthly Feedback Statistics for AIAS.pdf

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In Need of Medical Help

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2:46 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: In Need of Medical Help

This is a brilliant analysis by Robert Cheshire, and this poor fellow is need of medical help. I looked up Mathew 7.3 (1620 edition) as follows:

“A phaham yr wyt yn edrych ar y brycheyn sydd yn llygad dy frawd, ac nad ydwyt yn ystyried y trawst sydd yn dy lygaid dy hun”

As usual this was translated by Dr William Morgan in 1588 from the Greek and Hebrew. I translate it into modern English as follows:

“And why do you look at the flaw in your brother’s eye, and do not realize the violence that is in your own eyes?”

I think it is clear now to all that there is only one person, who was traced originally by the police to Barry near Cardiff under the pseudonym “Arthur Dent”. The real Arthur Dent was a Puritan of the seventeenth century, and a Puritan seeks to keep the word of physics unchanged. “Yn y dechreuad yr oedd y gair … ” – “In the beginning there was the word ….” So, radical new thought and discoveries such as those at AIAS would shatter his world. I think he should just be left alone with his blog unless he does something really bad like threatening violence. The police know who he is and where he lives. If they had a warrant they might find a camera in his possession. Although I never agreed with the Higgs thing my arguments are always scientific. To cheer things up I leave the last word to the great Oscar Wilde

“I dislike argument, argument is vulgar, and often convincing.”

However, to some it is frightening. So what is going to happen now is that everything I post on my blog will be subjected to unconvincing vulgarity, and all of it will be irrelevant to science. Let us therefore get on with science. I will leave Mr Dent to contemplate his own destiny, the one that awaits us all.

In a message dated 10/07/2012 20:02:50 GMT Daylight Time,

My less extensive experience of such attitude is nevertheless enough to affirm the emptiness of such vitriolic lives. Whilst the AIAS works and produces, it seems that these anonymous folk devils just work to besmirch. At some point, Matthew 7:3 cuts in with the inevitable questioning of the beam owners motivation but remains unheard. I would stress here that I too, have no god but a respect for godliness or non arch piety. There is much wisdom in religious writing when it is based on the honest human experience of ages. On a bridge of persuasion, Matthew may as well be Buddha as far as I’m concerned – in his universal words of wisdom. The verse calls for self analysis.

I have copied all the “crackpotwatch” text and imported it to word. I did this to exploit an ordinarily irritating feature of my Word program; That of it’s dictionary language. Whilst I have it set to UK English, it still highlights all but American spellings as erroneous so I use it very infrequently. As a result, the fault now highlights all UK English spellings as errors and underlines them in red waves. All spellings here [in crackpots text] are UK English. I found only two of the word “mathematics” but my eye and “find” feature is not always as diligent as could be hoped. “…..ising” is always with an “s” and not “z”; just as colour, humour favour etc. is always UK English

On further analysis, the tone of all text carries the same superiority complex of the last abuser assessment I made some months ago (I cannot find my copy). The inconsistent addition is the use of the 1st person plural in all but one reference where “I advise” has been used but once against the set norm (many examples) which would be “we advise”. This offers three immediate possibilities;

1. There are two authors. I personally doubt this as the general, overly superior style seems consistent with one authors outscape.
2. In my opinion, this language is often used to bolster the idea of plurality in authority, self importance or royal capacity. These are the blatant signs of delusion if there is no second or subsequent author or partner(s).
i.e. What is the purpose of saying “we” and “our” other than to describe a group response or dictat (see M.Thatcher – “We are a grandmother”. ….. “we” are also a megalomaniac).
3. Due to the one inconsistency of “I advise….” I suspect that deceitful facades have been emplaced and that one “I advise…” was a slip-up in an otherwise perfect consistency of disguise, marred by just one moment of lapse.

I sense too that this person has an extremely high opinion of himself and has lightly peppered his text with red herrings. In one “aside” he refers to a boyfriend or ex “b/f”.
Notwithstanding homosexuality, I believe he is getting a thrill from “being an anonymous woman” from time to time. This may even be a transvestite who is aroused by his own sense of deceptive concealment rather than a “run of the mill” transvestism that cries out for exposure of practice – the paradoxical, well dressed woman with the 5 oclock shadow.
Once again we see the same savage dismissal of all but his own opinions and beliefs in the same way as before. That too, to now include all the works and discoveries of Nikola Tesla.

“However, historians of science know better and pay no attention to mere inventors since – with very few exceptions – they never discover anything and – moreover – are usually out-of-touch with, and antagonistic towards, proven science. UNESCO’s honouring Tesla with a ‘year’ was on a par with the UN making the unspeakable Mugabe a representative for tourism.”

Non sequiteurs abound in his suspect philosophies (as above – can rational science say, “mere inventors”?) He is also selectively and inconsistently hypocritical in that it is his word alone as to who are the good, and who are the “bad boys”.

Unless I miss my mark, anonymity is crucial since I believe it is not outlandish to suggest he inhabits something of a double life – one side being mundane and suburban perhaps, whilst the other side can shout out his anonymous and ineffectual authority to a hapless internet audience. To be exposed as just another “nutter on the bus” is not so intolerable in isolation and a new ID can be quickly put up or shut down.
However I suspect he has people in his acquaintance who may be shocked by his abuses and may drift away from him if his ID is openly exposed. He knows this and I believe his problems are born of many years of some disgruntlement before the end of his viable, working life. Note the permanent obsession with his own righteousness. You’ll not find the humility that Mathew would seek except after exposure.

I would suggest that this is the same person who was warned off last time but I cannot find that earlier assessment for comparison….so links are by my memory only.
The thrill may also be gotten from “living dangerously” by dropping little clues to his true identity that we lesser and stupid mortals would not even notice as his cleverness is so all encompassing – in his own mind.
His hatred of you, Myron is driving him mad and he must have dominance in any quarter. His internal avatar is a scientist of unimpeachable diligence and acumen. Everyone is beneath him in his disguise.
Remove the disguise and you’ll probably find a yes man who was sacked or made redundant and is surplus to any known requirement.

All of the above is not a statement of facts but instinctual gleanings. But I believe Lizzie Boredom lives in the wardrobe and is occasionally brought out of the closet and skittishly aired under an excited rush from childish but insidious mischief. I have referred to it as “him” but won’t mind being proven wrong if I get to see this very disturbed woman……man……..deceiver.

Best regards,


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