Many thanks to Horst Eckardt and Happy 4th July

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:15 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Many thanks to Horst Eckardt and Happy 4th July

Many thanks on behalf of all of us here and of course you are welcome any time. Simon Clifford and I started discussing the construction of a device last evening. Also happy 4th July to fellow U. S. citizens and dual citizens.

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I wish you all a fruitful meeting tomorrow. I hope I will visit you too in near future, perhaps when our research on devices has some success. Slowly but steadily we understand better what the pitfalls are in constructing such devices. Have a lot of pleasure tomorrow!


Have had a few thoughts on experiments with ECE after reading Horst’s “What are ‘Scalar Waves’” & “Einstein Cartan Eans; A New View on Nature” which’ll be good to run past you. I’m thinking about the nature of capacitance & it may be that the permitivity of “free space” may be an intrinsic general relativistic property. (which is especially interesting as its “meat & drink” to electronics.)

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Daily Report 3/7/12

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:10 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Daily Report 3/7/12

There were 2,597 hits from 546 distinct visits, 31/1% spiders, CEFE read four times in July to date. National University of La Plata Argentina F13 (Sp); Queensland University of Technology criticisms of the standard model; Government of British Columbia Canada UFT32; University of Bern UFT94; Fritz Haber Institute Berlin UFT57; Technical University Berlin UFT40, family history, Omnia Opera; Thiagarajar College of Engineering India (on edu) UFT70; University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research UFT142; Houston University general and CV; University of Maryland double slit experiment; University of Minnesota Twin Cities UFT140; University of North Texs UFT116; University of Utah UFT99; Engineering Canaries Astrophysics Institute general; Spanish Social Security Essay49(Sp); University of Poitiers general; European Space Agency UFT142; Army Research Laboratory UFT176; Twente University Netherlands UFT155. Intense interest all sectors.

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Grwpiau yn erbyn Betws a Mynydd y Gwair.

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 10:37 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Grwpiau yn erbyn Betws a Mynydd y Gwair.

Diolch yn fawr Sia^n , gofalwch cymeryd digon o amser i wella. Un o’r cyfreithwyr gore yw’r Arglwydd Caerliwelydd (Lord Carlisle). Mae’n holl bwysig i baratoi yn ofalus iawn, ac i fynd i fewn i’r manylion i gyd. Mae eich cynllun yn ardderchog. Thank you very much Sia^n, take enough time to get better. Lord Carlisle is one of the best, it is all important to prepare very carefully, and to go into all the fine details before filing the injunction application, which of course would be drafted in proper legal language by Lord Carlisle hopefully instructed by his planning junior, Sasha White. Both are top lawyers. Your plan is excellent, optimally all twenty five or so opposing groups should combine in a class action against Betws and Mynydd y Gwair as soon as the turnine company insults democracy by putting in its proposal again, for the n’th time, after being rejected twice already. It is easy to take out plentiful legal protection insurance. The selected class action leader should do this as soon as possible. I will probably take out my own legal protection insurance and look for the best specialist insurance company. As with all insurance you also have to read the fine detail.


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Rydych wedi gweithio’n ddyfal a diflino ar hyn I gyd ers ein cyfarfod Myrone, ac wedi i fi siarad â Gethin y bore ‘ma, rydym yn credu bod rhaid cysylltu â’r grwpiau Gwrth Melinau Gwynt ac unigolion yn ardaloedd y Betws a Mynydd y Gwair i ffurfio’r grŵp i fynd ymlaen a’r achos yn hytrach na chysylltu a gwrthwynebwyr sydd ymhellach i ffwrdd. Dechreuaf wneud hyn yfory dwi’n gobeithio – wedi i fi wella! Dwi wedi dal oerfel yn rhywle ac, ar ers deuddydd bellach, y cyfan rwyf eisiau gwneud yw crynu a chysgu!

Gyrraf gopi o’r llythyr byddaf yn gyrru i’r grwpiau ac unigolion i chi unwaith y byddaf wedi ei lunio.

Felly, am y tro


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Visits to Blog from Almost Every European Country

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 12:25 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Visits to Blog from Almost Every European Country

As the blog approaches one hundred thousand readings since Jan. 1st 2010 it has been read in 116 countries led currently by Britain, U. S. A. and Canada. There have been readings from every European country excluding Moldova, Liechtenstein, Andora and San Marino. This is like collecting stamps.

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EDCL Photo Now on Blog

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 7:32 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: EDCL Photo Now on Blog

The collision with Soddy resulted in isotopic Williams scattering. I remember the first experiment well. This collision conserved energy as well as momentum, which is why he is still active in his mid nineties.

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Nice photo. Bill Willoams is still alive and active and looks much the same. Organic chemistry must be good for you. EDCL should still be functioning. We will re-open it as EDCL / AIAS!!

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Disruption by Turbines

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 3:05 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: Disruption by Turbines

This disruption is heavily opposed by 90% of South West Wales. Peaceful and legal protests are planned all the way along the route, and I advise people to join these protests. They can stand in front of the lorries as in the 1968 Prague Spring, when a student stood in front of an invading tank, and block them. I am researching the case for a Section 41 injunction. The Plaid Cymru / Labour policy on turbines is already in complete tatters because the subsidies will be dropped completely over the next eight years, beginning with a 25% cut this year . I feel that all who have stolen government money (turbine subsidies) should be prosecuted and made to pay it back, being made personally liable for massive environmental damage, notably politicians and wind turbine executives. Britain is essentially in a state of civil war over turbines. This is atrociously poor government. All these useless parts are foreign made, and paid for by British taxation which goes directly into the pockets of profiteers.

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Disruption alert to drivers over wind farm work | Wind Watch
6 Jun 2012 … Road users in the Swansea Valley have been warned they face possible … Work
started on the 15-turbine Mynydd y Betws wind-farm, above … the site goes
through Swansea, starting at the city’s docks, and Neath Port Talbot. – 44k –Similar pages

Turbine traffic worries being put to the test | This is South Wales
4 days ago … THE powers that be in the Swansea Valley are hoping there will be no … The
route of the trial run commences at Swansea Docks and runs … pages

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14 Mar 2012 … Police assurances on plan to transport giant turbine parts … Loads of up to 169ft
in length will have to be driven from Swansea docks through … pages

Swansea Valley Wind Farm Protestors Admit Tree Defeat.
Wind farm protestors in the Swansea Valley have admitted defeat in their fight …
150 tonnes ??? to carry the huge turbines to a wind farm under construction on …
from Swansea Docks and travelling up the A474 through Pontardawe, is yet to … – 23k – Similar pages

Firm told to ‘think again’ on moving huge wind turbines | This is …
12 Oct 2011… massive wind turbines through the Swansea Valley has been told to … from
Swansea Docks, through Pontardawe and Rhydyfro to Mynydd y … pages

Swansea – ABP Corporate
The Port of Swansea has capacity to handle vessels of up to 30000 dwt and
provides … 4 Quay in King’s Dock is used for grab-loading of coal and can handle … – 30k – Similar pages

Film wind turbine dummy runs, say protesters « Shropshire Star
8 May 2012 … Starting at 6am, the load will leave Swansea Docks on the M4 and is expected to
travel through Caersws, near Newtown, past Llanidloes and … – 41k –Similar pages



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223(6): Summary of the New Orbital Theory

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 7:27 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: 223(6): Summary of the New Orbital Theory

This note gives a review and summary of the main equations of the new and self consistent orbital theory based on special relativity and spacetime torsion. General relativity of the Einsteinian type (EGR) has been known to be erroneous for almost a century, and is a typical pathological science as defined by Langmuir, propagated by non Baconian dogma. These notes give the relativistic lagrangian, eq. (2); the relativistic orbital force equation (11) of all planar orbits; the relativistic equivalence principle, eq. (21); the general relativistic force law, eq. (24) of all planar orbits; the relativistic time dilatation, eq. (33); the constrained metric, eq. (34); the Cartan torsion, eq. (36), and the Cartan / Evans constraint equation, eq. (37). This is a completely new and original cosmology. There are numerous severe criticisms now available of claims to have verified EGR experimentally, these are easily found using google. It has been well known for sixty years that EGR fails completely in whirlpool galaxies, but this new theory describes all orbits, including whirlpool galaxies. It is now known that dark matter theory has failed completely. Big bang and black hole theories have been well known for many years to be meaningless because the fundamental EGR is erroneous. EGR does not produce any of its main claims. We are putting dogmatists out on a planck that is about to be sawn off by Cornish pirates. Planck put everything out on a plank, in particular he noted that physics changes only when none of the geriatric politburo are left. The younger thinkers have not yet been putted into jail. I do not say “young” because some of the politburo are about a hundred years old and still tenured.


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