Some Leading Scientists who Accepted B(3) and ECE Theory

Some Leading Scientists who Accepted B(3) and ECE Theory

These include Jean Pierre Vigier (co worker of the Nobel Laureate Louis de Broglie) and Lawrence Horwitz ( Ph. D. student of the Nobel Laureate Julian Schwinger). Special editions of "Foundations of Physics Letters" were devoted to both. Ernest Sternglass listened to a lecture of mine on B(3) at Vigier One in Toronto, and accepted the lecture without criticism. The entire conference accepted the B(3) theory. Einstein invited Sternglass for a private discussion about his work and advised him not to get trapped in the academic system, but to "take a cobbler’s job" in the daytime and work on his own ideas in the evenings. Einstein wanted Sternglass to talk in German, their native language. John Wheeler sent me a very long fax message about B(3) in which he discussed it in detail. Alwyn van der Merwe, the eminent and liberal editor, accepted B(3) and ECE theory and very generously supported it before he was purged by a group of long forgotten harassers. The mathematical physicist Diego Rapaport has given the best description of the ECE theory, describing it as economical and brilliant, or similar words. John Wheeler became Einstein’s assistant after Jean-Pierre Vigier was refused a visa. Vigier was Einstein’s first choice. By now millions have accepted ECE theory and there are seven hundred papers and books on it, roughly the same as Linus Pauling’s entire output. I found out about the academic system at UNCC, which fabricated childish lies to get rid of me because B(3) did not fit in to the academic thinking at the time. My actual research record there was outstanding, teaching was good to excellent, administration was average, and I was a tenured full professor. So they had to think of something, and came with "working too much from home" or using striped toothpaste. Einstein would obviously have condemned that outright. Mansel Davies also accepted B(3) and tipped it for a Nobel Prize. This was blocked by the machinations of the standard modellers. Now it is clear that the academic system has lost the moral and ethical high ground, after an endless series of scandals. The AIAS / UPITEC group consists of eminent people, notably Horst Eckardt, who have all greatly contributed to ECE. So they have taken the moral and ethical high ground, being untainted by greed and corruption. Einstein advised Sternglass that he would never make it to full professor if he were too radical or liberal in thought. Endless obstacles were put in my way by what is now known to be a very corrupt academic system. As a young man Einstein was himself a radical, one of his teachers at ETH, Weber, called him a lazy dog because he would study on his own. The small group of unethical harassers who had van der Merwe purged also attacked the Sci Topics Editor who had tipped my work for a Nobel Prize, and also used Wikipedia as a medium of gross defamation. Wikipedia comes out of this as a third rate propagandist rag. It even tried to suppress mention of my Civil List Pension. A Nobel Prize for B(3) or ECE would mean the end of standard physics, so they are obviously reluctant to judge fairly. I do not think that they have the technical ability to judge fairly. The standard model has become thoroughly obsolete with or without a Nobel Prize because of the educational power of the internet (for example the famous UFT88). The Nobel Prize has also become obsolete, it is no longer awarded for the best up to date work, but is often awarded for work carried out up to fifty years ago, and then only standard model work – "a club like any other" in the words of Mansel Davies, a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor. It seems that there are plans in the United States for the closure of two thousand colleges and universities. This may or may not be true, but the general public no longer has respect for a University system that loots the taxpayer, producing nothing in particular, and crudely suppressing scholarship and freedom of thought in violation of the First Amendment

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