The m theory of all nuclear forces and LENR reactions

Many thanks, agreed with the typo’s. The graphics of the Yukawa force look very interesting, it is a scaled Coulomb force, and is also used used in the theory of finite photon mass. The photon with mass is a massive boson, and the pion is also a massive boson. To answer the point about partial f / partial r1, I suggest running Eq. (18) through the computer and it should give Eq. (17) using partial f /partial r1 = partial f /partial r partial r / partial r1 where f is a function of r1. Eq. (17) shows that the Yukawa force becomes infinite at the resonance point 2m(r) = r dm(r) / dr. In low energy nuclear reactions the Yukawa force attracts the proton to the Nickel 64 atom, and the Coulomb barrier is overcome at the resonance condition. Inside the nucleus the Yukawa force can become very large at the resonance point. Eq. (17) is a differential equation for dm(r) / dr and m(r) of the Yukawa potential. The Yukawa force becomes very large as r approaches zero. So the pion can be thought of as being the result of a particular space defined by dm(r) / dr and m(r) of the Yukawa potential The force due to the Reid potential (25) also gives rise to its own dm(r) / dr and m(r). So one can begin to think of a strong force made up of these space parameters. The present day quarks can be replaced by space parameters dm(r) / dr and m(r).
he m Theory of all nuclear forces and LENR reactionsTo: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

I evaluated the note by computer. The Yukawa force, derived from the Yukawa potential, is shown in section 1 of the protocol. It contains several terms, but the graph shows that it is very similar to the negative of the Coulomb force, while we have to take in mind that the Coulomb force is not valid within the nucleus. I used g=mu=1 for the plot and otherwise atomic units, so the Coulomb potential energy is in Hartrees.


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