Particle spectrum

Particle spectrum

Many thanks. By googling "table of particle masses", the second site that appears contains a very large amount of the latest data in the language of the standard model, and I agree that these data could be interpreted in terms of eigenvalues of the quantized equation (10) of Note 431(1) and this is indeed an original wave equation, related to the ECE wave equation of early work. So all the standard model interpretation can be translated into m theory. In some cases there are basic differences as you know. There is no Higgs boson in the m theory and ECE theory. This quantized equation can be cross correlated with the ECE wave equation, so all the particle masses can be given a geometrical interpretation. UFT226 to UFT230 and UFT247 and UFT248 on LENR theory can be developed with m theory. UFT247 and UFT248 give the theory of inelastic particle collisions with many products of heavy hadron collisions. Note 431(2) gives a new expression for the energy of m space. The basic idea is that the energy of m space explains low energy nuclear reactions. In the old physics this energy had not been inferred, so LENR seemed to be impossible. That is why there was such a hugely protracted argument. The Luddites still go on arguing and smashing up the spinning jennies even though LENR units are commercially available. I have just ordered one. The fermion equation of ECE must be used for fermions and other equations for bosons. One example is the Proca equation for the photon with mass, a boson with mass. The ECE and m theories are completely different from the standard model in that the former use a photon with mass. The B(3) field has been nominated for a Nobel Prize several times for proving experimentally via the inverse Faraday effect that the photon must have mass. Vigier pointed this out in 1992 as you know. His letter is on the site. Big Bang depends on the massless photon, if the photon has mass, there is no Big Bang. Recent data distributed by Steve Crothers this week shows that there was no Big Bang. This is proven in one of the very first ECE papers. In ECE2 and m theory all particles have mass, so the Higgs mechanism does not exist.

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