430(1): Lamb Shift from m Theory

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Am 25.01.2019 um 13:25 schrieb Myron Evans:

430(1): Lamb Shift from m Theory

This note gives the Lamb shift by using the energy levels of the Dirac H atom, Eq. (1), combined with the m theory evaluation of the non relativistic energy levels in UFT428. This is a far simpler and more powerful method than quantum electrodynamics, in which the electron proton interaction takes thousands of terms of an integral to compute, with no guarantee of convergence. It is now possible to press ahead with this method with different spaces, and given the compute poer, to expand it to all atoms and molecules. In UFT415 to UFT429, many incisive results have already emerged from m theory with the use of pen and paper and a desktop. So the Lamb shift has been explained using the m spce alone, no other concept is needed, no renormalization, no regularization, no electron shivering, no virtual particles, no integral sums with an infinite number of terms, sums whose convergence is dubious.

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