PS to Zach

The mathematics of Cartan geometry used in ECE is exactly the same as used by everyone else, for example Sean Carroll, a prominent theoretical physicist, who has described ECE as a valid theory. This alone is enough to show that wikipedia is defamatory. A fraudster like Bruhn does not attack Carroll, who uses the same mathematics exactly as I do. On close examination we found that Bruhn is a fraudster, in that he attacks well known mathematics using what appear to be deliberate distortions. So his site is nonsense mathematics. Wikipedia is in league with Bruhn, this is well known. Wikipedia has no credibility when it comes to ECE theory and its referrals have been stuck on one figure for nearly a decade. This means that interest in the Wikipedia defamation evaporated a decade ago. People are not stupid and know a witchhunt when they see one. McCarthy became the most hated Senator in history and was finally censured by the Senate as is well known. The site gets millions of referrals. The crackpot site has 32 referrals out of several million, and that figure has been stuck for several years while the referrals move on every day as recorded in my early morning daily report. Wikipedia also distorts the Nobel nominated B(3) field out of all recognition by omitting all mention of the fact that I have been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize for the inference of B(3). This gross defamation has become well known, so wikipedia has imploded, its credibility is zero. Nonetheless it would be optimal if all the dirt could be removed from the internet. Crackpot is loathed like Jo McCarthy as we know.

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