Evaluation of Hamilton equations by computer

Evaluation of Hamilton equations by computer

This is an excellent computer analysis of the Hamilton equations. In order to test the various results they can be compared with the orbits from the Lagrange equations and EE equations in the previous UFT papers. The Hamilton equations must give the same orbits as the Lagrange equations and Evans Eckardt equations. The EE equations are the most fundamental and powerful to date because of the ability of Maxima to integrate them. Can the Hamilton equations be integrated numerically? The lagrangian (L) can be computed from the fundamental L = p q dot – H for each choice of p and q in the protocol. This should lead to the lagrangian for special relativity used in previous papers. These results can also be compared with the Evans Eckardt equations for special relativity: dH / dt = 0 and dL / dt = 0, where H = gamma m c squared – mMG / r and L = gamma m r squared phi dot. In order to reduce correctly to classical theory only one choice of lagrangian and only one choice of hamiltonian is possible.


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