Reception Given to Special Relativity

Reception Given to Special Relativity

Using these google keywords the fourth site that comes up shows how special relativity was cold shouldered almost everywhere when it was published in 1905. It was ignored completely in England and France and criticised in Germany and the United States. In the rest of Britain there was no understanding of special relativity because Wales and Scotland were told what to think in science. Wales and Scotland were impoverished and no one cared about special relativity. Einstein criticised the concept of aether, which was part of establishment thinking in 1905. ECE has shown that the aether or vacuum is spacetime itself. Special relativity is now known to be a limit of ECE theory. General relativity is refuted completely by ECE theory. The English scientific establishment is notoriously conservative, and has opposed every really new idea in physics. I can see this from my own Ph. D. supervisor, the chemist Mansel Davies, who came from Aberpennar (Mountain Ash) but was English in his views of physics, radically Welsh in everything else, down to his fiery red hair. He clearly did not understand a word or equation of special relativity. His supervisor Bury made an attempt to understand it. So as late as the thirties in Cambridge, Einstein was dismissed outright, always a sign of something interesting. My co author Vigier was invited to become Einstein’s assistant and immediately accepted B(3) theory because it means photon mass. Vigier was largely sidelined by the physics establishment, so were de Broglie and Einstein himself. The physics dogma is now in a tight bind, because the S2 star shows that EGR is totally wrong. In order for the physics establishment to survive, it must ignore ECE theory completely, it must not get into the newspapers and threaten funding. The nasty fringe of standard physics uses Wikipedia and hate sites to try to destroy the careers of free thinkers. As in George Orwell, "1984", they become "unpersons" whose work has never existed in doublethink, Orwell’s word for gross hypocrisy and cover up. These are the methods of totalitarianism, and must be rejected completely by a free society. Internet criminals extend these methods to the general public. "Big Brother is watching you" as in Orwell’s warning written in 1948.

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