412(2): Results from 412(1)

Subject: 412(2): Results from 412(1)

This note gives four tables of results from 412(1) for the solar system. It is seen that delta phi = omega sub 1 T gives results that are broadly similar to the Einstein theory with omega 1 < omega self consistently. However the Einstein theory is riddled with errors, over complicated and obsolete. So it is concluded that delta phi is the precession obtained from the de Sitter rotation of Newtonian theory. The unrotated Newton theory gives no precession as is well known. More generally, the fully relativistic theory of Eq. (10) should be used to find omega sub 1 from any precession. This is the universal law of precession for omega not equal to omega sub 1. The only thing that can be honestly observed for planets is the total precession given in column six of Table three. So omega sub 1 should be found from this total precession. I will now proceed to apply this theory to the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar and the S2 star. The latter is a clean system.


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