Note 409(5) : Proof of the Origin of Thomas Precession in Spacetime Torsion

Note 409(5) : Proof of the Origin of Thomas Precession in Spacetime Torsion

This note shows that the origin of the Thomas precession is spacetime torsion, which gives rise to the acceleration due to gravity in ECE2 theory. It is first shown that the origin of the plane polar coordinates is frame rotation, then it is shown that the Thomas precession originates in a further rotation, Eq. (35). This gives the Thomas velocity (38) and the Thomas acceleration (39). When the Thomas velocity is the Newtonian orbital velocity, the Lorentz factor is derived from a simple frame rotation, a major advance in understanding. It is usually derived from a complicated Lorentz boost as is well known. It is proposed that this type of rotation be named the ECE2 rotation in a space with finite torsion and curvature and that the resulting precession be named the ECE2 precession. The original theory by Llewellyn Thomas (1903 – 1992) was developed in a Minkowski space, with no consideration given to torsion or curvature. Finally it is shown that the ECE2 precession can be understood in terms of a change in the spin connection, another major advance in understanding. It is proposed that all precessions in the Universe be described with complete precision in terms of an ECE2 rotation, and it is further proposed that all metrics and theory based on the Einstein field equation be discarded by avant garde physicists as obsolete and incorrect. These proposals represent the culmination of a rapid advance in understanding over the past few months, resulting in a much simpler and more powerful theory that is above all, geometrically correct. Obviously this has necessitated the refutation of the Einsteinian theory of general relativity. So I will now write up UFT309 and transmit this note to Horst as usual for checking and addition of his own insights. The refutation of EGR is no longer met by howling wolves. In fact it has been accepted in a revolutionary paradigm shift named "the post Einsteinian paradigm shift" by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe, probably the most eminent contemporary physics editor, and a referee of my Civil List Pension nomination by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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