Note 409(3): Equivalence of Lorentz boost and Thomas Rotation

Note 409(3): Equivalence of Lorentz boost and Thomas Rotation

This note shows that the Thomas rotation at the Newtonian velocity is a type of four rotation, Eq. (43) taht immediatly produces the relativistic kinetic energy , hamiltonian, lagrangian, total energy and Thomas half . The Thomas rotation produces all the fundamental concepts of ECE2 covariant physics in a simpler way than the four rotation (8) that defines the Lorentz factor and Lorentz boost. In order to define concepts from Eq. (8), additional considerations are needed, such as the work done, Eq. (17). The static ECE2 line element Eq. (13) produces the same relativistic kinetic energy as the Thomas rotated line element. However the latter method also produces an observable precession, while the Lorentz boost does not. The Thomas rotation is the origin of all precessions, such as planetary precession and pendulum precession. UFT406 shows that the planetary precession theory of EGR is completely wrong because it omits de Sitter and Lense Thirring precessions.


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