Final Version of Note 407(1)

Version of Note 407(1)

Many thanks again and much appreciated!

I had noticed the error with alpha but had forgotten to mention it in my earlier email. Eq. 37 is a rally important result, and (43) gives a vivid explanation of alpha.


Am 11.05.2018 um 13:22 schrieb Myron Evans:

Subject: Final Version of Note 407(1)

This version corrects minor typographical errors in the original Note 407(1), the factor alpha should have been alpha squared in various equations. The corrected version gives the neat result (37). for the H atom v / c = alpha / n, a completely new result of quantum mechanics. Here n is the principal quantum number, v is the orbital velocity of the electron, alpha is the fine structure constant, and c the universal constant known as the speed of light in vacuo. It is immediately clear that the familiar H atom can be described relativistically, even though it is a solution of the supposedly non relativistic Schroedinger equation. Its Thomas half is given by Eq. (37). So the H atom is a Thomas precession. The AIAS is named after the fine structure constant, alpha. This final version will now be used to give a trivial refutation of the de Sitter precession in Note 407(3). By "trivial" I mean "very simple" but also of key importance to the whole of physics.

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