Apsidal Angle Method for Precession from the ECE2 Force Equation

If F = – mMG / r squared + omega phi then the precession at the perihelion of a precessing elliptical orbit is approximately delta psi = pi (omega r + r squared partial omega / partial r) / 2 where r = a (1 – eps) at the perihelion. If the sign of omega is reversed the direction of precession is reversed and teh theory gives forward or retrograde precessions. The apsidal method for low eccentricity orbits is simple and very useful for calculating precessions. So ECE2 theory has progressed far in advance of the standard model, and there have been no objections for over a decade. I will give the dtails of teh calculation tomorrow and then write up Sections 1 and 2 of UFT403, hich gives three or four methods ofproving rpecession from the ECE2 force equation. Tis verifies HOsrts’ excellent numerical work. The numerical method to machineprcissiion is the most accurate method bu the analytical approximations are every useful.

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