The Rigorously Self Consistent ECE2 Covariant Force Equation

This is equation (3),valid for any coordinate system. In the plane polar system it is resolved into the relativistic Leibniz orbital equation (6) and the conservation of relativistic angular momentum, Eq. (7). Eqs. (6) and (7), when solved simultaneously, give precessing orbits. Forward and retrograde precessions can both be obtained, depending on the sign of the spin connection as just shown by Horst. This note is the result of extensive discussions between co author Horst Eckardt and myself. Provided that Eq. (3) is resolved into Eqs. (6) nad (7), everything is rigorously self consistent, leading to an entirely new understanding of all kinds of precession. This shows the value of these discussions, or dialogue, which have been going on for over twelve years continuously. This is one of the most rigorous dialogues in the history of physics. The AIAS / UPITEC staff has also contributed importantly. The theory is part of a generally covariant unified field theory with finite torsion and curvature.


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