401(4): Gravitational Equivalent of the Lamb Shift Calculation

This note can be viewed as the gravitational equivalent of the Lamb shift calculation, based on the same fundamental assumption, Eqs. (1) and (2). The angular frequency of the gravitational vacuum fluctuations is given in Eq. (19) and the isotropically averaged mean square fluctuation is given in terms of the magnitude of the vector spin connection in Eq. (22). The vacuum correction of the magnitude of the Newtonian force is given in Eq. (25). For forward and retrograde precession the spin connection can be found as in Note 401(3) and previous UFT papers. Using the magnitude of the force and the magnitude of the gravitational acceleration has the great advantage of reducing the complexity of the theory from fourth to second order in the Taylor series, so the calculation exactly parallels the well known Lamb shift calculation. The important difference is that this calculation is classical, and the Lamb shift calculation is one of quantum mechanics. So great progress has been made recently in the understanding of how the vacuum affects physics as we now it today.


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