Discussion of 394(3)

Having studied UFT354, a paper which is already a classic, I see that the Cartan torsion T sup a sub mu nu is antisymmetric in mu and nu, and the Lindstrom constraint is meant to apply to that, because it is the difference of two mixed index connections. Thus all diagonal elements are zero

In a message dated 07/12/2017 16:13:34 GMT Standard Time, antisymmetry conditions only involve the non-diagonal elements of the Gamma connections. In earlier work we have found that the diagonal elements of the Gamma’s need not be zero and are not for general metrics. If the vector potential is given, we obtain 6 equations for the spin connections: eqs. 30-23 and 34-36. The latter equation set is independent from the former, we have 6 equations for 3 unknowns. If we take the Lindstrom constraint in the original form, we have 4 equations for omega_0, omega_X, omega_Y, omega_Z which makes much more sense to me.


Am 03.12.2017 um 14:56 schrieb EMyrone:

I decided to name the new vacuum interaction theory of all physics as macroscopic zitterbewegung (MZ) theory. I think that it was Schroedinger who first used the term “zitterbewegung” or “trembling” in 1930, when he derived it from the Dirac equation. It was famously used by Bethe in about 1947 to explain the Lamb shift in H. In this note a new and stronger trace antisymmetry law is inferred, Eq. (9), by realizing that each term in the original Lindstrom trace antisymmetry law (8) is zero, and not just the sum. This is simply because every diagonal term of an antisymmetry tensor is zero, and not just the sum. Eq. (9) leads to the very useful equations (18) to (23), allowing the spin connection four vector or vacuum map to be determined easily from the scalar and vector potentials of a material or circuit. This is true for all physics and the natural sciences. It is shown that MZ theory automatically conserves vector antisymmetry, and scalar antisymmetry defines the electric vector potential of electrostatics. A self consistent scheme is suggested whereby the new trace antisymmetry eqations are used to find the vector potential in magnetostatics. The use of the commutator is reviewed, and it is emphasized that UFT131, now a famous classic paper, refutes the standard model of physics entirely, because UFT131 refutes U(1) gauge theory completely. UFT225 refutes U(1) x SU(2) electroweak theory entirely. So Higgs boson theory collapses completely. The classic UFT175 refutes the Heisenberg indeterminacy completely. Einsteinian general relativity has been refuted in almost a hundred different ways in the UFT series, and in many other ways by the eminent Einstein scholar, Stephen Crothers. His chapters in PECE and PECE2 are strongly recommended reading. In consequence, physics and the natural sciences have split permanently and entirely into two schools of thought: ECE and the obsolete standard model. The ECE school of thought rejects the standard model almost entirely. The scientometrics show clearly that this is a permanent split. So the fellows and staff of AIAS / UPITEC are famous within the world of science. It is obvious that standard physics should no longer be funded exclusively or lavishly, funding should be allocated to ECE physics. Some parts of the old physics are still good, notably astronomy and the better experimental parts, but the data should be reinterpreted. It is of vital importance to fund energy from spacetime (ES) and low energy nuclear reactors of all types. The entire mechanism of the old physics has been overturned: its publication, teaching and refereeing mthods and its methods of censorship, for example the notorious and illegal attempt by wikipedia to distort my career and work. This has been long forgotten by literally millions of readers. One cannot resist the march of ideas, in the words of Victor Hugo. Science is not the same as it was in 2003, when I started the UFT series. This is now comprised of almost four hundred papers and books, and over three hundred Spanish translations. The need for lavish university salaries has been demolished. Dogmatists should not be kept in luxury by struggling students.

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