394(1): Shivering Dipole Magnetic Potential and Flux Density

Agreed with this, the shivering nuclear magnetic dipole and field will give observable effects in the chemical shift in NMR and ESR.

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As we have discussed earlier, the vacuum spin connection cannot be computed from eq. (13) directly because this equation is of type

A x [x1, x2, x3] = B

with vectors A and B and unknown vector x = [x1, x2, x3]. No solutions do exist in this general case. However reducing the number of non-vanishing components gives solutions.


Am 26.11.2017 um 12:04 schrieb EMyrone:

This note extends the new subject of electrodynamics in the presence of the vacuum to the magnetic dipole potential and flux density. Far from a current loop the result is Eq. (26), which contains the mean square fluctuation of the vacuum magnetic flux density. This is always the observable B. Similarly the dipole electric field strength in the presence of the vacuum is given by Eq. (27). In the first instance the mean square fluctuation <delta r dot delta r> can be used as an input parameter. Later on it can be calculated using statistical mechanics, and for example Brownian motion theory as in the first publications of my Omnia Opera on www.aias.us. Horst’s first class graphics of these dipole fields can be extended to include vacuum effects in this way. The note also calculates the vector spin connections or vacuum maps. These hand calculations should of course be checked with computer algebra when Horst returns from vacation, and has time. Note carefully that whenever any E or B is measured, it includes vacuum effects. There can be great confidence in this zitterbewegung theory because it is famously successful in the Lamb shift. The whole of physics can now be developed using this shivering or zitterbewegung theory.


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