Discussion of 393(3)

Welcome back! I used Eq. (D.1) of the third edition of Marion and Thornton:

(1 + x) power n = 1 + nx + n(n-1) x squared / 2! + ……..

with n = – 3/2 and n = – 5/2. I agree that angular shivering will occur in atoms and molecules as well as radial shivering, leading to many new possibilities.

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Subj: Re: 393(3): Zitterbewegung and Dipole Fields

The shivering is restricted to the radial coordinate in (4). An angular shivering would also be possible, it is respected in the”real” dipole (12) or (25), respectively.
The Taylor expansion of (1+x)^(-3) in eq. (7) gives according to Maxima:

and as powerseries:

which is the same result. You seem to have used different results in (7) but these are not further used.

Am 17.11.2017 um 15:16 schrieb EMyrone:

This is a first calculation of the effect of the vacuum in inducing zitterbewegung in a dipole field. The two macroscopic charges of a dipole moment shiver due to the presence of the vacuum. In the next note I will refine this first calculation by going back to the basic definition of a dipole moment in which each charge shivers, and calculating the dipole potential and field. Zitterbewegung of macroscopic charges is a completely new idea and works its way into the whole of classical electrodynamics. The overall aim here is to calculate the spin connection and to apply the conservation of antisymmetry. These ideas go far beyond the standard model. In general the dipole, quadrupole and octopole moments of a molecule all shiver in the presence of the vacuum. These effects can all be expressed in terms of spin connections (or vacuum maps). The Lamb shift shows clearly that they exist in the H atom so they exist in all material matter, namely circuits.

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