FOR POSTING: UFT393 Sections 1 and 2

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This paper initiates a new phase of ECE2 and indeed a new physics, by extending the well known theory of the Lamb shift to all of macroscopic physics, beginning with ECE2 electrostatics and the dipole potential and field. The dipole potential from the vacuum is calculated from the mean square vacuum fluctuations, and this is given by the second term on the RHS of Eq. (37). The potential energy from the vacuum is the potential multiplied by a charge. This theory is ideal for computer algebra and graphics because it quickly becomes complicated, but nevertheless straightforward. There is no reasonable doubt that there is energy in the vacuum (UFT311, UFT321,UFT364, UFT382, UFT383). This has been known since the early years of the twentieth century as part of the standard model itself (the radiative corrections). Clearly this theory conserves total energy momentum, total charge current density, and rigorously conserves antisymmetry. The spin connection four vector of ECE2 is the “map of the vacuum”.

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