393(4): Shivering Dipole Potential and Field due to the Vacuum

The basic law (11) for the effect of the vacuum on any equation of physics is applied to the well known dipole potential and field. The shivering potential in the presence of the vacuum is given by Eq. (22) and the shivering electric field strength due to the dipole is given by Eq. (24). A new fundamental law of physics is exemplified by Eq. (29), which shows that the effect of the vacuum is maximized by maximizing the ensemble averaged vector spin connection. Any measured electric field strength E in volts per metre always measures the spin connection vector according to Eq. (29), because all material matter such as a circuit is always in contact with the vacuum. Using binomial expansion teh dipole potential and field are given by Eqs. (39) and (40). In the next note these will be ensemble averaged. it becomes as clear as a diamond that thee is ubiquitous energy in the vacuum. Circuits are being developed by AIAS / UPITEC to use this energy, initiating Bannister’s second industrial revolution (Steve Bannister, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Utah, on www.aias.us). Note carefully that the fundamental law (11) is well tested in the theory of the Lamb shift in H. Now it is being applied to the whole of physics as part of ECE2 generally covariant unified field theory. The standard Maxwell Heaviside theory has no explanation for vacuum effects, and has no spin connection. So ECE2 is preferred to the standard theory on the basis of experimental data (Lamb shift and other effects listed on www.aias.us). This is an example of Baconian science.


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