Sean Carroll gets a few things right!

Good to hear from Steve Bannister. Sean Carroll accepted ECE theory some years ago, in a communication to the late Prof. Jophn B. Hart, one of the international referees for my Civil List Pension. The referees were Alwyn van der Merwe, Bo Lehnert and John B. Hart, and the nominator was the Royal Society of Chemistry, possibly also the Royal Society. ECE is based directly on the geometry in Carroll’s chapters one to three of “Spacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity” (online, based on graduate lectures at Harvard, Chicago and Caltech). ECE gives a new geometrical basis for quantum mechanics as you know. Indeterminacy (The Uncertainty Principle) has been thoroughly refuted in the classic UFT175. The Dirac equation’s negative energy problem has been removed, and the equation has been extended to the fermion equation. The necessity for the Dirac sea has been removed. The proofs given by Carroll have been greatly expanded and written out in all detail. The wave equations of physics have been derived from the tetrad postulate of Cartan geometry. The Schroedinger equation has been derived from geometry, and so has the Pauli exclusion principle. A new force equation of quantum mechanics has been given in UFT177, another classic paper. So the foundations of quantum mechanics are now known, and accepted, to be geometrical. This means that quantum mechanics can be unified with ECE and ECE2 general relativity. The way in which these advances are accepted directly by a vast and highly competent readership, without reference to a transient academic establishment, means that the dogmatism of the old quantum mechanics has collapsed. It still receives propagandist attention from a rag such as wikipedia, but its ideas are thoroughly obsolete. One cannot stop the march of ideas.

In a message dated 12/11/2017 14:46:34 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Embarrassing state of physics as it relates to quantum foundations. And,

Copenhagen view is wrong.

So, that is a start, I suppose.

Paradigm shifts take time. Thanks to you Myron, and the colleagues, we know where this one is going.

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