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This is UFT392 on the interactrion with the vacuum with the famous zitterbewegung (electron shivering) theory originally introduced by Schroedinger in 1930 from the Dirac equation. The notes for this paper contain detailed calculations on various new and original topics and should be read with the paper as usual. Each note could make a paper on its own. Each UFT paper now contains a list of forty one references giving some key papers in the development of my thought since I became a graduate student in 1971. This coontinuous development of thought led to the ECE and ECE2 theories. I will gradually add to the list of key papers as each new UFT paper is published. An early paper such as that with Mansel Davies and Ian Larkin in 1973 on the far infra red of liquid crystals seems to be a long way from ECE2 papers of 2017, but the methodology is the same: always look for a new and original topic and a new and original way of developing that topic. Each new paper must be original.

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