393(1): Mean Spin Connection for the Shivering Electron

This simple calculation is meant as a preliminary to extending the zitterbewegung theory of the spin connection to the whole of electrodynamics. The theory is part of the generally covariant ECE2 unified field theory, now completely accepted internationally. The magnitude of the position vector is defined by Eq. (1), a shivering motion is defined by delta r and is caused by the vacuum. The mean spin connection is then given by Eq. (14), in which appears the mean square of delta r. The latter in H or an atom or molecule is calculated by its expectation value for a given wave function (see UFT340 and “Principles of ECE”, Volume Two). In a macroscopic theoy it can be calculated from Brownian motion theory of the ECE2 vacuum particles (see my early Omnia Opera on www.aias.us). This shivering motion defines the ways in which energy can be taken from the vacuum. Total energy / momentum is conserved (electron or circuit plus vacuum). It is now known that antisymmetry must be conserved.


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