Discussion of 392(5)

In general, Eqs. (9) and (10) must be solved simultaneously for omega sub 0 and given A, phi and omega. The methodology of this note designed to simplify the problem. From the wave equations. (1) and (2) phi and A are known only up to two constants of integration each. So it is possible to have the same partial A / partial for different A. So step (8) finds partial A / partial t directly. Similarly phi is known from Eq. (10) only up to two constants of integration, so step (8) finds the second partial derivative directly. I wrote this note because it is important to have an agreed upon methodology that can be applied to all physics.

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Steps 8 and 9 in the general solution method are consistency checks. If phi and A are known and are time-dependent, then eqs.(8) and (10) must also hold with the time derivatives obtained from phi and A directly.


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This note gives a convenient review of the ECE2 equations for electrodynamics, and shows that the standard model violates antisymmetry in many ways in electrodynamics, gravitation, classical dynamics and fluid dynamics and also quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. This was first shown in UFT131 ff. A general method of solution is given, and this will be used in future work in electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics, later for quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. The fields due to interaction with the vacuum are always present (the doppelganger or “double goer” or “shadow” fields). Evidence for this is given in the well known radiative corrections. These fields are defined by the spin connection, which can be engineered to give electric power from spacetime.

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