ECE Science Versus Standard Model Sermons

This is why physics has split completely and permanently into the scientific ECE School and the theological standard school, as our mutual Ph. D. advisor Mansel Davies used to say. I would add that the standard model is also a bad sermon, lengthy and boring. All they have to do is ask for the code by Dr. Horst Eckardt and run it on their computers. They will see m collide with M. This is summed up by the poet John Milton: “…… for now I see / Peace to corrupt no less than war to waste.” (Paradise Lost, Book XI). He was foreign minister to the 1649 Republic of which my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector from 1653 onwards. Then as now, things split permanently into Republican and Royalist. My ancestral cousin Charles 1st Stuart kept ignoring refutations of his taxation system.

Catastrophic Failure of EGR

In marked contrast to what is said in the first line of this statement from the Max Plank Society!

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