FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT391, Catastrophic Failure of EGR

This is another excellent section 3 by co author Horst Eckardt. It shows that the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) fails catastrophically for certain types of orbit. To show this result, very considerable numerical expertise is needed, but the general public can understand the end result, under certain conditions the orbiting mass m in EGR collides with the attracting mass M. No such thing is ever observed experimentally. The EGR has been refuted in nearly a hundred different ways in the UFT series of papers adn books (2003 to present, UFT313 – UFT391 to date), all using rigorous methods and all accepted internationally. It has been refuted n many other ways by Stephen Crothers and also by other scholars for over a hundred years. A small clique of obsolete dogmatists strives to hang on to power, prizes and highly paid jobs paid for by debt laden students, parents and the tax payer. There is no sense in trying to ignore a computer, especially one used in a highly skilled way by Horst. There is no sense in trying to ignore nearly four hundred papers and books, and their Spanish translations. In addition there are numerous other criticisms of EGR summarized in this Section 3. EGR only gives a mirage of precision, and by now this is well known. The enlightened ECE2 colleagues of the ECE2 School of Thought no longer take any notice of the attempts to censor ECE2 by a few standard model members of the smoke filled inner circle. They gave up trying to stop the march of ideas over a decade ago but still act as if nothing has happened. The Royal Swedish Academy has no credibility left at all among the avant garde of intellectuals.

Sent: 25/10/2017 13:17:39 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Section 3 of UFT391

This is section 3. I added some graphics and arguments against
Einsteinian general relativity.



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