Suggestion for Testing Einstein Numerically

The suggestion is described in Note 391(3), and it is to compute g and the orbit from the lagrangian (1) of that note. The ECE2 lagrangian is given in Eq. (6) and is known to give both forward and retrograde precessions, a major discovery made numerically by Horst Eckardt. The numerical methods developed by Horst Eckardt can be applied to Eq (1) of Note 391(3) in oorder to find out whether Einstein gives forward and retrogade precessions, using exactly the same methods as used previously for Eq. (6) of Note 391(3). Once g is computed for Einstein, conservation of antisymmetry is used to compute the spin connection, vector potential, scalar spin conenction and dQ / dt. Einstein is known to be riddled with errors and obscurities, so the suggestion aims to show that these quanttities will begin to behave in a strange way. It is desirable to have as many refutations of Einstein as possible, because such a lot of taxation is wasted on his obsolete ideas in general relativity. Many of his other ideas are of course fine. There is a need for much stricter government control over the self-funders. The referees are dogmatists and will obviously fund other dogmatists and will reject new ideas without looking at them. This makes a mess out of physics and the taxpayer. Precessions in the solar systgem are very small, so I suggest using:

Lagrangian (Einstein) = (1/2) m v squared + A / r + B / r cubed

and use A and B as input parameters. A and B can be varied to give different orbits. The idea is to show that the Einstein orbit becomes wildly unstable, a purely numerical exercise. Two dimensions can be used to simplify the numerical method.

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