Section 3 of paper 388

This is indeed a comprehensive study which will attract a lot of international interest. A great deal of thought and hard work has gone into this Section 3 by Horst Eckardt. Rigorous conservation of trace, scalar and vector antisymmetry produces completely original results in physics, coming from the idea that the spin connection mediates the interaction with the vacuum. Maps of the vacuum for various types of plane wave are given. This section is full of interest, and from the sceintometrics it can be seen that UFT380 – UFT390 are generating very intense international interest. In order to understand new energy from sapcetime, the structure of the vacuum must be understood, and rapid progress is being made towards that. Recall that all these results emerge directly from Cartan geometry. There are now available nearly eight hundred papers and books all based on Cartan geometry, in English and Spanish, produced in fifteen years. The major advance is clear, any problem in physics will result in a mapping of the vacuum.

Section 3 of paper 388

I am sending over the completed section 3. This is a complete study of
the vacuum effects for plane waves. Now we know why we got the result
B=0 in earlier attempts to include antisymmetry conditions in plane
waves. The results support our interpretation that the E and B fields
consist of classical, physically active parts and vacuum-related parts
that behave quite different. The physically active parts lead to the
observed results of E and B fields being perpendicular to each other. In
a second, more complicated example, I investigated a localized wave
which gives a richer spacetime part than an infinitely expanded plane wave.

Althought I intended only to calculate some simple examples for
time-dependent elctrodynamic problems, this is a quite exhaustive study
of spacetime effects for plane waves, another important building block
in the series of 380ies papers.



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