FOR POSTING: Sharp Increase in Interest in 2017 in ECE2 Papers and Books

These are UFT313 to UFT389 to date. I plan to write up UFT390 today. The intgerest is monitored in all detail for every item in the early morning reports. For 2017 the month by month results are as follows:

Month Monthly Total Annual Rate for Combined Sites

January 1,200 28,800
February 1,312 31,488
March 1,783 42,792
April 1,916 45,984
May 1,804 43,296
June 2,514 60,336
July 2,696 64,709
August 3,905 93,720
September 2,722 65,328

The combined sites are and The monthly total is for only. The total of readings for is 17,852 It is estimated that this is doubled for combined sites to give 35,704 readings over nine months, or 47,605 readings a year, the average annual rate of reading. Starting at about 4.00 a.m. local time, I spend about three and a half hours every early morning compiling the daily reports. So there is a vast amount of data available which show the patterns of readings of individual papers and books of the ECE2 series. The patterns show that some papers and books are read much more than others, so the pattern is not due to spidering, which would cause a constant number of readings for each paper. The readings are human readings. In addition to the above totals, the readings for “Principles of ECE”, (UFT350) and for UFT321 are recorded separately. For PECE the data are as follows

Month Monthly Total Annual Rate for Combined Sites

January 279 6,696
February 175 4,200
March 404 9,696
April 148 3,552
May 183 4,392
June 236 7,788
July 235 5,640
August 228 5,472
September 297 7,128

This gives a total of 2,185 readings in nine months from, an average annual rate of 5,826 readings per year off combined sites and This book, and volume two, have been published in hardback and are available from all good bookshops. My data for PECE are made up of the book, its Spanish translation, UFT281 – UFT288 and zipped file.

The books and papers are phenomenally successful, and increasingly so. They are all advanced level material, so are read by the highest quality of scholarship, staffs and students in the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. This is known with great accuracy from the scientometrics. This means that the entire system of standard physics has been rejected: its dogma, censorship, refusal to recognize the emergence of a new physics, its methods of publication, and its refereeing methods. It is known that half of standard model papers are not read at all by anyone.

The staffs of AIAS and UPTEC are scknowledged for years of dedication and hard work, in particular the main co authors: Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom and Stephen Crothers. Those who contributed financially in addition to myself to the publication of PECE and PECE2 are gratefully acknowledged: Horst Eckardt (the main contributor), Douglas Lindstrom, Stephen Crothers, Robert Cheshire and Russ Davis. Horst Eckardt is thanked for excellent collation and editing, and the typesetter is thanked for excellent accuracy. Alex Hill is thanked for years of translation work, and Dave Burleigh for a decade of work as webmaster and for voluntary posting. All staffs are thanked for years of important discussion. Finally the vast readership is thanked for its fifteen years of interest.

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