Have Gravitational Waves been Detected?

I refer the readership to the severe criticisms by Stephen Crothers and several others, criticisms of the experimental design and questions about whether the claim is repeatable. It is certainly not reproducible because there is no other laboratory which can test it. So the claim is non Baconian and therefore unscientific. This is also true of the so called Higgs boson. This claim about the existence of a Higgs boson is refuted by antisymmetry conservation as discussed recently. The U(1) sector of Higgs boson theory violates conservation of antisymmetry. That was first shown in UFT131 ff. Again the CERN experiment is not repeatable. Only Clouseau would build another hyper expensive tunnel. Thousands of millions are spent on these vague, unscientific, claims. They do nothing at all to address the energy problems of humankind. In both cases the Nobel Prizes were based on ancient theories. The Nobel Prize should be awarded to discoveries made within the year it is given (the Will of Alfred Nobel). We follow the criteria of Oscar Wilde, or arguments are always vulgar and often convincing. A vast intellectual following of the highest academic and professional quality seems to agree – the ECE School of avant garde physics.

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