390(3): Gravitational Waves in Newtonian and ECE2 Theories

This note shows that there exist gravitational waves in both Newtonian and ECE2 physics, and shows that Eq. (70) of Note 390(2) should be Eq. (12) of this note. This note reveals a self inconsistency in Newtonian physics, in that its well known Poisson equation should be a wave equation described with the d’Alembertian operator. Therefore the new equation of ECE2 physics is Eq. (12) of this note, in which del dot (omega phi) is not zero. This was found by computer in Note 390(2) by co author Horst Eckardt. Therefore if gravitational waves have been detected, they are due to ECE2 physics and its Newtonian limit, and certainly not the Einstein theory. In Eq. (12) of this note, the gravitational potential phi can be regauged: phi goes to phi + partial psi /partial t without changing g or the gravitomagnetic field omega.


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