FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 389

This is an excellent Section 3 from Horst Eckardt, outstanding work. A lot of work has gone into this Section 3 as usual. The Section achieves excellent results with the exception of what seems to be a facor of three inconsistency in the Lindstrom constraint. I checked the Lindstrom constraint as in Note 388(4), and it seems to be OK. Perhaps Note 388(4) needs to be rechecked in some way, but regauging is almost certainly the answer. I would suggest using the latest Note 390(2) just sent over to introduce the gauge function. By using ECE2, retrograde precessions can be accounted for, and also the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. There has been a general rejection of Einsteinian dogma in favour of ECE2, and heavy criticism of the Nobel Prize Committee and all the mechanisms of the old dogmatic physics. In the latest Note 390(2) I worked out some more details of regauging. The overwhelming majority of physicists reject this Nobel Prize, because to accept it means accepting incorrect geometry. If LIGOS has detected gravitational waves experimentally, which is very dubious, they must be attributed to the gravitational waves of ECE2 theory. All the claims to precision of Einstein are refuted by the neglect of torsion. UFT354 for example shows that the torsionless geometry used by Einstein is completely changed by torsion. By ignoring work acknowledged worldwide since 2003, the Nobel Prize Committee isolates itself from reality.

Sent: 03/10/2017 09:24:54 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Section 3 of paper 389

I finished section 3 as an extension of paper 384,3. There seems to be
an inconsistency of the Lindstrom constraint in the non-relativistic
case, either a dimensional factor of 3 is missing, or omega_0 has to be
defined differently. It seems not to be possible to simply use

omega_0 = -3 c/r

to resolve the problem. This deserves further study. Doug: where is the
mathematics of the constraint described?



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