390(1): Newtonian and Coulombic Limits of ECE2 Physics

This note applies the methodology of UFT389 to provide one way of investigating these well known limits of gravitation and electrodynamics. ECE2 physics is a much richer subject than the standard model, and gives a vacuum map through the spin connection, a vector potential, and a gauge function. This note uses the newly discovered and useful equation (5) to find the spin connection vector from the scalar potential. So an entirely new physics has emerged, every problem in physics must obey the law of conservation of antisymmetry. This concept does not exist in the obsolete standard model, which violates conservation of antisymmetry in all areas of physics. This was first pointed out in UFT131 ff. In other words, the standard model of physics does not obey Cartan geometry. It is asserted in ECE2 level physics that it must obey this geometry. No theory can violate geometry. In almost four hundred papers and books since 2003, everything is based on the same geometry.


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