FOR POSTING: UFT388 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

Errata for UFT388:equation 39 curl(A)= – omega X A to make equations 7, 31 and 32 consistent
page 8 line 3 scalar spin connection omega_0

Don’t see any other changes.

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Many thanks! Greatly appreciated as ever.

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Posted today


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This three author paper gives several new laws of electrodynamics on the ECE2 level, and shows that antisymmetry is rigorously conserved while retaining analytical and numerical tractability. The ECE wave equarion and the Lindstrom constraint (trace antisymmetry equation) are brought into consideration, so the theory reaches full power. It has unlimited application. Section 3 is sketched in for Dr Horst Eckardt to produce analysis and graphics which map the vacuum. The MH theory is now completely obsolete because it violates antisymmetry and has no concept of circuit vacuum interaction.

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