389(1): The Complete ECE2 Gravitational Equations

These are given with their S. I. units and can be entered into the Engineering Model.They are the field equations (1) to (4); the wave equations (9) to (11); the continuity equation (12); the equations of conservation of antisymmetry, eqs. (13) to (18). Eq. (18) is the trace antisymmetry equation of gravitation (the gravitational Lindstrom constraint). The complete set of equations must be considered for any problem in gravitation, and the vacuum maps for gravitation (the spin connection) can be deduced from experimental data. Cosmology can be explained in a new way using these equations, using the correct geometry. All these equations are derived from Cartan geometry. Their overall structure is the same for ECE2 electrodynamics and ECE2 fluid dynamics. There is therefore an unlimited scope for development using ECE2 triple unification of electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics.


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