“Principles of ECE Theory Volume Two”, Copy to the NLW

Thanks again, it is an excellent piece of editing and collating, and a softback is well worth publishing. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru (National Library of Wales) is unique in having all the books of my co authors and myself, published in several different countries, together with my D. Sc. Thesis and Ph. D. Thesis (Omnia Opera on www.aias.us). No other library in the world has a complete collection. The D .Sc. Thesis is a very rare collector’s item because I was awarded the D. Sc. on submission at age 26, earned when I was 27. I am the youngest recipient under modern rules by several years. This is one of my three world records. The late Prof. John Owen (J. O.) Williams, (1942 – 2000), Principal of Owain Glyndw^r University, was awarded his D. Sc. at the same ceremony, by Sir Goronwy Daniel. We were both from the EDCL in Aberystwyth. J. O. was eight years older and told me, “meddyliais bod fi’n gyflym” – “I thought that I was fast!”. He played soccer for Aberystwyth Town and was an amateur Welsh international. Prof Sir Granville Beynon of physics was severely traumatized by the D. Sc. and in a reception by Sir Goronwy and Lady Daniel (the Honourable Valerie Lloyd-George) we were all told rather sourly that I was too young. That spoiled the sherry. The Principal and Lady Daniel glared him into silence. Later, physics closed the EDCL, and the quality of UCW Aberystwyth declined rapidly. Gareth Evans and I successfully fought to have the old building of EDCL listed. Sir Granville did not explain why I was too young, or for what purpose. Is your admin really necessary if they close their best departments? At AIAS / UPITEC we have no admin, only study.

Sent: 12/09/2017 11:13:59 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: FOR POSTING: “Principles of ECE Theory Volume Two”

Pleasure! The copy to the National Library should also have arrived now.
The publisher recommended to publish also a softcopy version because this is better advertised on Amazon. Will probably do this.


Am 12.09.2017 um 09:43 schrieb EMyrone:

Co author Horst Eckardt has kindly sent my a complimentary copy which has arrived today, and also sent a copy to the National Library of Wales. This is greatly appreciated. It is:

Myron W. Evans, Horst Eckardt, Douglas W. Lindstrom, Stephen J. Crothers and Ulrich E. Bruchholz, Edited and Collated by Horst Eckardt, “Principles of ECE Theory, Volume 2: Closing the Gap between Experiment and Theory”, high quality hardback, 370 pages, computer generated colour illustrations, ISBN 978-3-7450-1326-9. Available from www.epubi.de , Berlin, Amazon and all good bookshops.

ECE theory (UFT313 – UFT387 to date) set a new record high of over a hundred thousand readings a year as this book was published on August 24th 2017. ECE theory is openly accessible on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org but readers are encouraged to purchase a hardback copy, which is economically priced. Many thanks to all concerned, diolch yn fawr. This book is a kind of lodestone for a vast new school of thought: ECE Physics. As in 1927, physics has split into the avant garde ECE Physics and the obsolete Standard Model Physics.

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