Large Spike of Interest in Conservation of Antisymmetry

There was a very large spike of interest on the blog of yesterday in conservation of antisymmetry. UFT387 already appears on the first and second pages of Google with keywords “Conservation of Antisymmetry”. This is a new conservation law of physics that has developed since UFT131 ff. This law defines the spin connection responsible for the interaction of a circuit with spacetime (or vacuum or aether). UFT387 deals with electrostatics and magnetostatics. The first note for UFT388 deals with electrodynamics. The additional constraint on the field equations sue to conservation of the antisymmetry of the field tensor gives a method of finding the spin connection. This is a new and powerful development, leading to a new phase of ECE theory. The standard model is completely unable to descirbe the experimental results of patented and replicated circuits such as in UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, UFT382 and UFT383.

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