The New Physics, very good summary by GJE

This is a very good summary. Much of standard model physics is entirely obsolete but they will not admit it. This does no one a favour, least of all the tax payer. Its system of censorhip and propaganda is in tatters. Einstein was ostracized and sidelined for his views on quantum mechanics. He kept his job at PIAS by contract but he was regarded as a non entity by the weird interpreters of the Copenhagen School. They were demolished in UFT175, which is a classic paper.

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Subj: Re: NEW CROSS LINK: Einstein Relativity Theory declares “aether” necessary!

Agreed, what he meant by aether is unclear. He obviously was not able to describe it fully himself. What is clear is that he could see that space could not be empty. This always went against all the physics we knew. Waves can not propogate in “nothing” but this is what has stuck forming a back bone of standard model physics. Flawed concepts results in flawed theories and flawed outcomes such an big bang, black holes, dark matter, god particles and all the rest. The “vacuum” does not exist, space may seem empty but it has structure in terms of energy and mass. The speed of light is only a constant in a vacuum (that never exists), photons have mass, electromagnetic energy propogates in a structured space (that you and Horst have started to map). Now physics becomes real once again.

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