Rotational Secondary E Field

If curl E is not zero the secondary E must be dynamic, with curl E + partial B / partial t = 0 through the Faraday law of induction. My plans for UFT388 are to consider conservation of antisymmetry in electrodynamics, with the Maxwell displacement current and partial A / partial t not equal to zero. So this result looks to be useful for electrodynamics. By definition, curl E is zero for electrostatics as you know

Sent: 07/09/2017 09:14:11 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: PS magn. dipole

PS: I found a spin connection omega_0 which produces a fully rotational
secondary E field according to

E = – omega_0 A.

This E is not curl-free but this should not be required. The divergence
is zero, therefore

rho/eps_0 = div E = 0,

in accordance with the fact that a magnetic dipole has no current
density (at most an infinitesimal one).


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