PS on Spin Connections

The scalar spin connection omega sub 0 is the same for the electrostatic and magnetostatic fields because it occurs only once in the set of relevant equations, in the scalar antisymmetry relation defining E, the electric field strength, however, the vector spin connection omega bold is in general different in electrostatics and magnetostatics. The conservation of antisymmetry has been rigorously demonstrated for electrostatics and magnetostatics on the ECE2 level. Therefore UFT387 can be written up as a short paper and UFT388 dedicated to conservation of antisymmetry in electrodynamics. One of the major advances of recent papers is that the vacuum four current has been defined in terms of the spin connection , and also the demonstration that E and B are in general made up of two components, the material component and the components that comes from the interaction with the vacuum. So we are approaching and building a new phase of ECE theory. It has also been made clear that the spin connection maps the structure of the vacuum. This is a direct consequence of the fact that the spacetime (vacuum or aether) geometry is defined in terms of the spin connection in Cartan geometry.

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