386(8): Commutator Proof of U(1) Antisymmetry

This proof was first given in UFT131, and refutes the U(1) gauge theory completely. On the ECE2 level the commutator is the one used in UFT99 to define torsion and curvature. This work is very well known throughout the world and this is part of the reason for many nominations for AIAS / UPITEC and myself. These nominations are recorded in the world’s leading reference vehicle, “Marquis Who’s Who”. The standard model has collapsed like a pack of cards. The adjudicators of the big prizes are standard modellers, so the nominations test their integrity and intellectual honesty as never before. This proof is given to show the fundamental importance of antisymmetry. Now I will go on to the final note of UFT386. A bright A level pupil can follow this historic proof, and with some application, so can a member of the general public. The entire standard model has collapsed: the U(1) sector, the electroweak sector, Higgs boson theory, and a lot more. My colleagues at AIAS / UPITEC all know the proof in all detail.


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