Annual Rate of Reading of Books and ECE2 Items on 18/8/17

1) ECE2 (UFT313 – UFT385) 99,199 times a year (record high).
2) Collected Poetry (Barddoniaeth)* 12,329 times a year (readings and audiences of readings).
3) Principles of ECE Volume One (PECE) 5,881.
4) Principles of ECE Volume Two (PECE2) 2,149.
5) Autobiography vols. One and Two 4,583.
6) Evans Equations by Lar Felker 3,974.
7) Chapter Three (Sp) of Item 5 8,395.
8) Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation 1,622.

* This item is available only on

The estimates are for combined sites and It is estimated that the poetry interest would be doubled if it were available on www.upitec.or.

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